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Simple Ways To Lose Weight Without Dieting

Who doesn't want a slim body and flat abs but who wants to go through all the work, eating only what doesn't add to your body? trying different angles to get just the right figure in photos.Well, what if I say you can get your dream figure without dieting and exercising, yes you heard me right.Here are some ways by which you can shed that extra pounds.

1. Honey ginger tea


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In a glass of warm water add mashed ginger and one spoon of honey.

How to use:

Drink twice a day, once before breakfast and once in the evening. It is seen that this method can help you reduce two inches of skin in just one week.

2. Warm Water

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It is said that drinking water can help you with balancing your weight and metabolism but do you know whats better? warm water! Drink a glass of warm water five minutes before and 15 minutes after a meal and see your body lose away all the extra skin you don't want.
Tip: Combine this with ginger tea for faster results.

3. Proper Sleep 

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Yes I know it sounds too easy to be true. But it is a proven fact that disturbed sleep can mess up with your metabolism and compel your body to gain weight. It also results in laziness which further reduces physical activity.

4. Say no to cold drinks 

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You won't believe how much weight you can lose just by skipping drinking that bottle of cola.Your sugar doesn't really need to be limited but by cutting off something like your soft drinks you can have more tasty and nutritious diet.

5. Meal Planning

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Requires a little bit of work but can be extremely useful when trying to lose weight. it doesn't require you leave out that fries you love so much but to balance it out with something equally nutritious. By meal planning, you can manage the number of calories entering your body without cutting off the food you want to consume.

6. Detox Water 

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Drinking detox water is not only a trend but a highly effective method to flush out the toxins from the body. There are various recipes on the web to help you make a detox drink, most effective one of which is mango and ginger. They are easy to prepare and effective in all the right areas.

Some other ways can be :

1) To chew slowing, large bites become hard to digest.
2) Try to have light dinner and heavy breakfast.
3) Eat more protein.
4) Switch normal things with whole grain products like brown rice, brown bread etc.

A simple change in habits can help you achieve your goal and a healthy lifestyle, should always be the way to go.

So go try these tricks and show off your body!

Written by
Onisha Murab

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