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Coronavirus Lock-down 2020 - Share Your Thoughts

In midst of this Coronavirus lock-down 2020, we all have numerous thoughts running in our minds. Life has changed as we knew it and we are all learning the true meaning of life in our own ways.

Many of us are exploring our inner hidden talents and surprising ourselves. Here we are sharing thoughts of our friend, looking at the positive side of so much of time that we have in our hands now.

pic courtesy: freepik
Am not doing enough...
There is disease.
There is death.
There is fear.
There is money,
But no salt...
Has living come to a halt?
And I sit up and yes, Am not doing enough...
For a change, its for me.

pic courtesy: freepik

If the earth needs a malady to heal,
Do I too?
Let my Home heal me,
Let my Home heal me.
Times are changing and am arranging MYSELF!!

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PS: Everyone is welcome to share their thoughts, artistic sides, your personal experiences.
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