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7 Reasons Why Women Love Older Men

Love is blind – this is something we all must have heard. Some people also that in love, age is just a number, not a big deal. But a huge difference in age between a man and a woman in our Indian society is still a taboo. Come on, let us all face it, women do prefer older men and this is no secret or anything to be ashamed of. Some women even prefer older men as their ideal partners in life. And this lifelong commitment has numerous benefits of its own.

There are certain standards which women would like in their partners. And these qualities are neither confidential nor some sort of expensive products that young guys cannot afford. These qualities are – Maturity, Patience, Independence, Sophistication, Well Groomed Persona, Good Cultured, Understanding, Stability and the list can go on. These are characteristics which gradually improves and develops more with age. Hence, women do get attracted to older guys. We will discuss some of these calibres of men and how women are positively affected by it.

1. Maturity

Older men are quite mature. This maturity has come from the life situations he has dealt with. This has made him strong mentally, too. With his maturity, he can talk or discuss with people on some general but important issues, like politics, metro, finances and the same. But the young guys mostly talk about things which are of no concern or sometimes it can be noticed, that they are trying to show off something that they really have no idea about.

This maturity is a great asset for men and it comes with age. A woman even in her teens can have a certain maturity which a guy of the same age group will take longer to develop and understand. It is Nature’s gift to a woman to have a certain degree of maturity which guys her age cannot attain at the same pace.

2. Experience and Manners

An older man is experienced and well mannered. His life has seen many different phases, many ups and downs. These have given him lessons on life and also on how to deal with such situations patiently. With this patience, he listens to his partner attentively, which gives his woman a boost in her confidence level. Yes, just by listening to her carefully,  a man can understand her point of view on certain aspects, he can clear her doubts and also provide her with a relaxing relief that he will stand by her through thick and thin.

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For young guys, it seems foolish enough to listen to a woman or dealing with tough situation becomes so difficult for them that they generally need a woman to blame all their stupidity upon them.

3. Stability

An older man has reached a point in his life where he is stable in his career, quite sure about how to move on to his next step. With this stability, he himself is confident about his future and thus can give his woman a very important quality that just cannot be ignored and this Emotional Security and Stability. We all know, if any human, a man or a woman, is emotionally sound, then their capabilities and knowledge regarding anything are unquestionable.

4. Financial Security

With a stable career, it is believed, comes another sense of security for women – Financial Security. This does not mean that all women are gold diggers and prefer old men over the ones that are of their age group for money. No, absolutely not. It simply implies that with a feeling of sound financial security, women are able to think better and clear and figure out what they really want – a 9 to 5 job, or their own startup or anything that makes them happy and gives confidence and individuality.

This can also be seen from another viewpoint, which, in many cases, seem to be true. When a man has a stable career and provides sound financial security to his woman, he is less prone to hurt her or discourage her from pursuing her ambitions or dreams. He, rather, supports her decision and helps her with anything within his power.

5. Mature Sexually

Older men are very much practical in their approach and also have good control on their sexual desires too. They do not go overboard in such matters, and responsibly respects his partner’s consent. They do not harm or scare their partner, but when it comes to physical attraction, they like being gentle and kind, charming at the same time.

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This respect and responsibility towards her, make women attracted to such men – and again, this comes with age. You will notice, that the younger guys are more pushy or forceful in sexual matters and hence, many of them to cross their limits too.

6. Sophistication

We all must have noticed that old men are usually the one who is well dressed according to the occasion. The way they walk, talk, their mannerisms, gentleman behaviour, their sound reasonableness all of these contribute to one very important factor that every woman craves for in her partner – sophistication. This is something that will never go unnoticed. And this is where we can differentiate between a man and a boy.
A boy will never be seen in such a way as described above. Moreover, he will be seen as a party animal even in an official board meeting. He has no sense of reasoning and his mannerisms generally are neglected.

7. Self Sufficient 

A man is one who is self-sufficient and also carries with him his maturity and intellect to express his point of view or put his ideas across people. When the need arises, such men can cleverly convince people to his side without being cunning or threatening them.

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Being attractive does not only mean good-looking young guys. Attractiveness is a complete package of a charismatic persona, well-groomed behaviour, social etiquettes, sophistication, understanding, and most importantly, respect and responsibility towards women. Older men have a tendency to preserve long-term relations, as they understand the value and delicacy of relationships and cherish such moments of their life. They also have an inclination towards a healthy lifestyle.

It is very challenging for a woman to keep up with the standards of an old man. But this certainly has a positive result. She has to continuously keep on improving and updating herself, and this readiness to take up challenges make her stronger than ever and a strong woman can face all hurdles life throws at her.

“Women like to date men and not boys since all boys are not man enough yet. They will take time.”

Written by
Ruchika Mertia

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