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5 Best And Smart Female News Anchors In India

It’s crazy how we can all name at least 5 male news anchors off the hat but we struggle with the female news anchors names.
As I was researching, I typed “5 Best female news anchors in India”. The top few searches were, ‘Top 10 hot, cute and sexy news anchors’, ’ 5 hottest news anchors’. Just because they are women doesn’t give anyone the right to ‘label’them news anchors they get that tag. It was quite disappointing to realize that the news anchors are selected according to their ‘hotness’.

Here are a few of news anchors you should know about because "They Are Smart, Enterprising Women Who Have Something Intelligent To Say, Apart From Their Looks".

1. Sagarika Ghose

News Channel: CNN IBN

photo courtesy: Twitter
Sagarika Ghose is a popular news anchor, author, journalist, and wife of a prominent news anchor himself, Rajdeep Sardesai.She has worked with several well-known news publications and houses such as Times of India, Outlook, and the Indian Express. Sagarika has worked as a Deputy Editor for CNN-IBN. She has graduated from one of the best colleges in Delhi, St. Stephen.

2. Anjana Kashyap

News channel: Aaj Tak

photo courtesy: Aajtak
Anjana is the face of Aajtak as well the Deputy Editor and an author. She is extremely goal orientated and focused. Anjana has worked with Zee News, News 24/7 previously. Anjana also hosts a debate show on Aaj Tak called “Halla Bol”. She is known for extreme professionalism.

3. Nidhi Razan

News Channel: NDTV

photo courtesy: Twitter
She is one of the most well-known senior journalist and news anchor in the journalist line. She is the reason why NDTV had a crazy TRPS (Television Rating Points). Nidhi has covered significant events such as the Goenka award. Nidhi is most well known for her hosting the show “Left Right and Centre”

4. Mayanti Langer 

News channel: ESPN

photo courtesy: crickettrolls
Before becoming a journalist she was a football player in the US. She got this opportunity after she was invited as a guest host for a FIFA event in 2010. This was a stepping stone in her career path. Her insane knack for football helped her out a lot and Mayanti is one of the leading sports journalists in India. Apart from hosting the FIFA, she hosted events like the Delhi Common Wealth Games and the Cricket World Cup in 2011.

5. Barkha Dutt

News channel: NDTV 

Barkha Dutt became a  well-known personality after the Kargil war. It was the first televised war in India, where Barkha anchored in most of the live coverage. She went off to war-torn territories, spoke to the soldiers, hosted a show where celebrities met the soldiers.

photo courtesy: Twitter
What she did for India, as a new anchor changed history. She introduced such novel things people didn’t know about. The first time our Indian soldiers were treated with due respect, they spoke about their traumas.

photo courtesy: Twitter
She hosted shows like “We the people” and the “Bucks stop now”. Barkha covered a quite a few prominent events such as the Mumbai Terror attack back in 2008.

Written by
Payal Singh

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