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A Sweet Experience That Changed My Life

Like all others, I also had many ups and downs in my life. Some of them were lessons for me and some were blessings in disguise. I also had a few incidents that turned my life upside down and some were so delightful that changed my perception towards life and the meaning of happiness.

A Fear Of Ghosts

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There had also been incidents which helped me overcome some of the things that I believed I feared the most. One such fear was the fear of ghosts and haunted places. As a child, I used to believe that such supernatural powers do exist and whenever an evil spirit tries to possess me, I will know it for certain because some paranormal activities will definitely happen when I am alone.

The Fateful Night 

It was a fateful night that helped me overcome my fear of ghosts. I was sleeping in my bedroom as usual with my elder sister beside me after we had watched a horror television programme together. As the clock struck twelve at midnight, I felt someone behind me and I was shocked since my sister was right in front of my eyes.

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At first, I guessed maybe our parents must have come to ensure if we had slept. But to my disbelief, my parents were in the other room discussing on something that didn’t bother me then. I just could not bear that feeling and shook my sister awake.

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She disgusted me by asking to turn around and look who is behind me. But I could not muster up the courage to do so. So, I rushed towards the switchboard and put on the lights and realised that my dear sister had kept a soft toy behind me while I was sleeping.
It was then that she explained to me ghosts and cartoons both are made for entertainment. Then why should you be scared of one whence the other makes you laugh your heart out?

Overcome From Fear

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And today, I can proudly say I have overcome most of my fears with my family’s support. They have always been my pillars of strength on whom I can easily rely on. I will not say that today I am not scared of anything. Yes, I do feel scared but I also know at the same time that with some courage and sometimes, just by using some common knowledge and common sense, I can easily brave my fears. There’s nothing in this world that can frighten you if you only have the complete support of your family and loved ones along with firm belief in your own self.

This incident made me realise that life is always full of both surprises and shocks. All that we need to overcome our fears – be it stage fright, public speaking, fear of some animals or any other - is complete and firm faith in our own abilities. Our strength and weakness should always be our best-kept secret. A simple analysis of our own selves will help us in overcoming all hurdles in life. 

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That night was not only one of the most helpful turning point in my life. It rather made me realise what capabilities I had and how much my family cared for me. It taught me the importance of my family in my life and I realised that even when I am shouted at by my parents there is for sure something good in store for me for a lifetime.

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