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Incredibly Easy Ways To Smell Great All The Time

It's no secret that one of the most attractive things about a woman or men for that matter is his or her scent. Smelling good not only creates a good impression on people but also keeps your spirits high.

Smelling good throughout the day has a little to do with your choice of fragrance and much to do with how you use it.

There are a lot of secrets that can help you with your odour and make your scent more effective and attractive and we are here to spell it out for you. 

1. Select A Signature Fragrance 

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No one can actually smell good without having brought a fragrance, it's the honest truth that no one has an attractive body odour. The trick is to find yourself a good smelling perfume, a fragrance that you completely fall in love with, the scent maybe spicy, fruity, zesty, it's completely your choice. However, you have to make sure that you are consistent with your fragrance. It makes your scent more significant and attractive when one knows what to expect.

2. Layering

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After you have chosen a fragrance for yourself the next step is to make it more impactful. This job is completed by layering the fragrance. Mostly all the fragrances come with additional products such as body wash, good smelling soap, good smelling body lotion, body mist, perfumes. Get all the products with good scents and the same smell and use them to have a more significant scent. Layering the same scent also makes it last longer.

3. Application

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The most common mistake that we commit is that we apply the fragrance in all the wrong places which reduce its efficiency. The best areas to spray your fragrance are your wrists, behind the ears, arch of your neck, chest and even behind your knees as this can help you in having a balanced and effective scent all over your body , also these areas are suggested as the body heat is increased here and that helps in maintaining the smell.

4. No Rub Rule

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Let's go in the flashback and try to remember the last time where we did not rub the spot where we had just applied our scent. Be it wrists, neck or anything, the important thing to keep in mind is not to rub the place where we apply our fragrance as it reduces the effectiveness of a perfume and makes it duller and less potent.

5. Timing 

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Smelling good requires strategizing. You need to find the perfect time to apply the perfume so that it sticks throughout the day, lucky for you, we have done it for you. Research has shown that the best time to apply a scent to ensure its optimum use is just after taking a shower when your skin is still damp. This little moisture helps in locking in of the scent so that it does not fade easily.

6. Hydration

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Smelling good is not only limited to using a good scent. It also gets affected by your day to day habits. Try to shower twice a day, use the lotion as much as you like as it is very necessary to keep your skin hydrated, drink lots of water. Moisturized and hydrated skin help the fragrance to last longer.

Written by
Onisha Murab

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