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How To Ensure Your Children Are Safe From Sexual Abuse

Learning about sexual abuse and its prevention is important, but this alone is not enough to ensure our children's safety. Prevention and imparting knowledge of the same is the responsibility of an adult.

It is no secret children due to their innocence are vulnerable to many threats both physically and emotionally. Thus, at such a tender age, the duty to protect one's child falls upon the shoulders of the parent.

Here are some ways that can definitely help to ensure that your children are safe from Sexual Abuse:


Society plays a more important role in anyone's life then one gives it credit for. However, the impact is generally not as positive as it should be.

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When feelings such as guilt, helplessness and shame, combined with a fear of how those closest to them will react infest themselves in the mind and of the children, and often adults important to them who are aware of the abuse, do not report the abuse and seek help.
However, there are some essential things that a parent should ensure and encourage to avoid such instances of sexual abuse and to keep their children safe.

Develop Comfort and Trust

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Ensure that your children are comfortable talking to you about subjects that are generally not accepted. Parents should be more understanding and be forgiving in nature. Such habits when developed at a young age will help to strengthen the bond where a child will feel free in explaining his feelings and emotions.
A parent should also encourage a child to tell them about their overall day. These steps build trust and give children a sense of security.


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Educate yourself and your children on sexual abuse, get familiar with facts and try to understand why such things happen. Example, talking about body parts, teach your child about body boundaries, good touch versus bad touch. Teach your children about the same and don't shy away from any such topic. Educate yourself to understand the signs if at all it will be required.

Trust Others Carefully

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Don't trust people easily and never leave your children with strangers. Look out for anything out of the ordinary and signs that a person may show, it’s always better to be precautionary. Most of the cases of sexual abuse include the closest member of the family to be that culprit, someone who no one thinks is capable of such actions. There are certain signs that can tell the difference, however it has to be based on the instincts.

Know Their Friends/People in Your Child’s Life

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Try to know where your child likes to hang out and who they hang out with. This is not you prying into your children’s life but just ensuring their safety. Try to know about there friends and their parents. Make sure they are trustworthy before allowing your child to spend time at their house.

Be Alert

Make sure that you send at least two people out with a group of children to supervise them. Adults should confront suspicious activities of other adults, especially when they’re child’s safety is at stake.

Teach Children How To Get Out Of Uncomfortable Situations

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Some children are uncomfortable with telling people “no”, especially to older peers or adults. Tell them it’s okay to say No and leave if something that feels wrong is happening.
Help them with words to get out of uncomfortable situations and let them know its perfectly okay to scream for help if they find themselves in unsafe circumstances.

At last be open about such topics and teach your children what is bad touch bad touch and how to protect themselves from it, trust your child and keep on educating them and reminding them not to trust anyone and that if something feels off then they watch out any concern should talk to you about it.

Written by
Onisha Murab

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