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How To Curl Your Hair Naturally Without Heat

If you are one of those people that love playing with their hair or want that heavy curls or are just simply tired of straight hair but don’t want to use heat, then this is the place for you. Curls are amazing, there is no denying that curls are amazing. They can instantly give your hair the bounce that it needs and add to the energy of your clothes. Curls can make anything look better.

So here are some ways to curl your hair without making it vulnerable to heat:

1. By Using An Old T-shirt

Wash your hair and then dry with a towel. To use the t-shirt, cut it into long strips from the neck to the hem. The width of your strips will depend on how much tighter you want the curls to be. the thinner the strips are the tighter will be your curls. After getting the strips, take a small section of your hair and roll it upwards with the strip-till your scalp, roll it inwards and then tie it afterwards, complete this for all the hair and then completely dry your hair before removing the strips.

2.  By Braiding

Wash your hair the way you always do and then dry it a little with a towel. Braid your hair into many sections. More the braids for tighter curls and fewer braids for loose curls. Let your hair dry completely overnight and wake up to amazing curly waves.

3. By Sock Doughnut 

Take an old sock and roll it to make get the doughnut shape. Wash your hair as usual and dry it a little with your towel. Make a ponytail and pull it through the sock, wrap them around it and then tuck it in. more you roll the sock the more you'll be able to include, continue this process until you reach the top of your head. Let it sit overnight and wake up to beautiful loose curls.

4. By Twisting And Curling

Wash your hair the way you do, dry it with a towel and make a centre parting, start to twist each section until it is in a tight coil, secure the coils to the top of your head with some clip.
Let it dry overnight and in the morning enjoy your curls. Comb your hair thoroughly and make a centre parting.

5. By using a headband

After washing and drying your hair with the towel, get a headband around your head and take sections of your hair and start wrapping them around your headband until all the hair is done.
Let your hair dry overnight and wake up to amazing fuller hair.

There are so many benefits of curls, it adds more volume to your hair , gives you a fresh look , makes it easier to style your hair, reduces hair fall and makes you look amazing.

Getting curls without heat eliminates all the disadvantages you using heat on your hair and gives you a new look without much hustle.

Written by
Onisha Murab

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