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8 Summer Wardrobe Essentials to Up Your Style Game

It’s here ladies, the best season to show off some skin and the best of your wardrobe. The sun is out and so should be your last year's old clothes. What every woman wants and needs is to know what are the trends to be followed this summer.

So take out that credit card and get ready to make most of your summer with this summer must-haves.

1. High Waist Shorts 

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No summer wardrobe is complete with a perfect pair of shorts, summers and shorts go hand in hand. Having high waited high waited shorts just gives you all the appeal while wearing crop tops and slip tops showing just the right amount of skin. Pair them with a light coloured top and there you have your first summer outfit ready.

2. Cami Tops

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It’s summer and it’s time to get those spaghetti tops out. They may be printed, plain, floral as long as they are in your wardrobe. Style them with some pastel or denim pants, you can even pair it with a light shrug to make your outfit more flowy and summery.

3. Off shoulder 

pic courtesy: pinterest
Yes, the trend that was started last year is still trendy as ever. Try wearing plain brightly coloured off shoulder tops with a big hit for more of a summer feel. Pair it with high waisted jeans or shorts to give yourself a perfect shape.

4. Floral Maxi

pic courtesy: pinterest
Maxi dresses set a huge trend last year and this summer they should be the first thing on your list. Maxi dresses are elegant and casual at the same time. Choose floral prints to make it more fun and season appropriate, also go for light colours.

5. Knotted Headbands
Its summer and your hair are all over your face seems pretty unattractive to me but don't worry, here comes headband to your rescue. If you want o shine this summer follow my advice and buy headbands in bulk. Knotted headbands are not only fun and colourful but they also give that extra pop to your outfit.

6. Tribal Dresses

pic courtesy: pinterest
Yes, tribal prints are still a thing and they make you stand out. Pair your tribal print dresses with finger rings and brown sandals to give yourself the perfect look. Tribal dresses are perfect for casual as well as a night time look, make sure to have one handy in your closet.

7. Tote Bags 

pic courtesy: lock-smith
If you are one of those people who like to keep all her stuff handy then nothing is more apt for you than a tote bag. Tote bags project a fun, laid-back attitude. They are big enough to carry all your summer accessories and necessities. A brown tote bag can be easily matched with almost any outfit.

8. Kimonos 

pic courtesy: pinterest
Want to wear light clothes in heavy summers but don't want to show too much skin then don't worry kimonos are here for you. Wear a printed kimono with plain t-shit and any pair of pants or shorts, match it up with a bag and some classic sandals. Kimonos are flowy and fun and give your personality some extra pop with their style, they are light and very much easy to carry.

Now that you know how to style yourself, go enjoy that summer with your best looks!

Written by
Onisha Murab

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