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High Blood Sugar Signs and Symptoms to Watch Out For

The human body needs good nutrition to function properly. A balanced diet is one which consists of all necessary nutrients in proper proportion. The food that we eat is broken down by the body systems into small parts that produce glucose. Glucose, if present in an acceptable range is good for the smooth functioning of the human body but excess high or low results in diseases, which sometimes, can be life threatening too.

Glucose or blood sugar is necessary but too high or too low of it can be quite dangerous at times. We must have experienced low glucose, especially during summertime. This is because the due to high humidity & perspiration, we do not feel like taking solid food. And when it is supported by decreased fluid intake, then the blood sugar level falls down. This is a very common phenomenon.

But there is one more side of it, and that is high blood sugar or Hyperglycemia.

Glucose is required by the body so as to make the muscles, organs and most importantly, the brain function smoothly.

When the body is not able to use insulin properly, the glucose gets collected in the bloodstream and hence creates a hindrance in the flow of blood throughout the entire body. This results in the rise of blood sugar/glucose level. According to experts, High glucose means that the level of glucose in the body is 180 mg/ dl or above.

Chronic high blood sugar increases the seriousness of diabetes diseases like Heart Attacks, Neurological complications, Complete Blindness, Kidney failure and more.

So, today we will know about some symptoms and signs that are seen at the early stage and at later stages.

First, we will discuss important signs in the early stage of Hyperglycemia.

1. Increased thirst/hunger

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The feeling of thirst or hunger may seem quite negligible but if your hunger does not satisfy your normal everyday appetite or you feel thirsty at almost everytime, it may be the first early sign of high glucose.

2. Frequent Urination

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One major symptom of High Glucose is urinating too often. if the urge to urinate rises, and you are not able to hold on your emotion, it may be time to cut out sweets and desserts from your meal and also call upon a doctor too.

3. Fatigue

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Many people take fatigue/tiredness as a sign of laziness only. Well, this is true, but not completely. Tiredness / Fatigue is another major sign of high blood sugar.

4. Headache

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This is a very common problem which is usually not taken seriously by anyone. But, beware, this can be an early signal for high glucose.

5. Blurred Vision

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We must have noticed people often complaining about hazy or unclear vision. Well, this is not necessarily with regard to near or farsightedness or any other eye disease. Blurred / hazy vision can be caused by hyperglycemia too.

We have discussed some major early signs of high blood sugar. Now, we will know about some signals that are seen at later stages of high glucose.

1. Shortness Of Breath

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One major signal that is experienced at the later stages of high glucose is running out of breath. Due to congestion of glucose in the blood, the respiratory system does not get enough of blood thus resulting in shortness of breath/ panting frequently.

2. Fruity Smelling Breath

At times, high glucose at later stages can be identified by the odour of your breath. You may be using good toothpaste and a nice mouthwash to clean out germs and keep your breath afresh, but, in case of high blood sugar, none of them will help. You will have problems with bad breath or generally, as it happens, your breath smells like some rotten fruit. This is a danger signal which shall not be ignored.

3. Weakness

Like we discussed above, due to the non-functioning of the respiratory system in a proper manner, there is shortness of breath which further leads to feeling very Weak. Weakness is a major symptom of hyperglycemia. One might experience weakness or pain in knees, joints or probably throughout the entire body.

4. Vomiting and Nausea

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Since the blood is not able to flow properly in the body, the digestive systems give out signals of high glucose. These signs are that of Vomiting, Stomach ache and the likes. Nausea is another symptom of high blood sugar.

We all know that prevention is better than cure. Hence, we will now talk about some simple measures that can be taken to prevent high blood sugar whenever an early sign is noticed.

These simple measures include, Regular exercises (make sure you do not strain yourself too much), properly balanced diet, cutting down on oily food, canned/tinned food products, avoiding intake of alcohol/smoking regularly, keeping your mind stress free, checking your sugar level regularly, never missing out on your prescribed medicine (if any), and other similar simple steps.

You must consult a doctor without any delay if any signals or symptoms of high glucose is noticed. We all must know that Hyperglycemia can be nerve-damaging and cause various other serious complications like that of cardiovascular, nervous system and others. Please make sure that you follow your doctor’s advice and thus you can prevent yourself from serious illnesses.

“Prevention is always better than cure”

Written by
Ruchika Mertia

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