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Signs That Say It's Time To Let-Go Of Relationship

All of us dream about the perfect story with the perfect man and the perfect happy ending, but how many actually got it?
I know people have told you that being in a relationship demands you to hurt, to feel pain, to sacrifice but I am here to tell you when to stop doing that when to stop hurting when to stop sacrificing.

When Loving Seems Tough

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I know you love that person and he tells you that he loves too and when you are with him it feels like nothing else matters and that you don't mind giving pieces of yourself to him but there comes a time that you get so blinded by his lights and his words that you forget the truth. Not all love is supposed to be hard, you need to learn when to give all of yourself to him and just when to stop. You need to learn that sometimes even though you might love that person you have to choose yourself first. I know it’s hard, saying no is hard but sometimes it is the right decision. Most importantly you need to learn when to give up and when to not.

When You Stop Loving Yourself

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Being in a relationship the most important thing one has to do is to let go, it may be letting go of mistakes, of simple habits but the difficult thing is to accept the other person and believe me it’s okay to love someone with all their flaws but it’s not okay to stop yourself from loving yourself. Let that person in, if he sees you and loves you just like you do then never let go of him but give up when all he does is pinpoint your imperfections, maybe he hasn't learnt that the most beautiful things are always imperfect.

Insecurities Crop In

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There comes a time in each relationship where even the little things about your partner irritate you and that happens in all the relationships, it's important not to give up in times like these. Often these feelings are proved by the presence of insecurity in both. You should try to get through this period because this time period is the true test of the compatibility of the couple.

When It Becomes Abusive

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Sometimes your eyes can devour so much in his light that you become blind to the abuse that he might be inflicting upon you. One of the most effective methods of saving a relationship is to talk, it’s to tell each other what things cause you discomfort, what makes you feel bad and what things are troubling you, unless and until you speak, no one is going to know what you feel, so never give up without trying.

Each relationship is different in its own way, every couple goes through many ups and downs , it’s necessary to know when the relationship turns from sweet to toxic, it is okay to keep trying to save your love but there may come a time when you start to lose yourself, you start to forget yourself.

Sacrifice only what you have, learn to know what's good and what's not and the best thing to do is to listen to your heart and follow your gut.

Written by
Onisha Murab

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