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Celebrities That Have Their Own Perfume Brand

How many of you have always wanted to smell like their favourite celebrity? Don’t judge me, I’m asking you on all your behalf’s. Yes, smelling good is one thing but smelling like your idol is another. From Ivanka Trump to Sarah Jessica Parker all of them decided to release a perfume. It was a fad in Hollywood where all most 85 celebrities decided to release their perfumes.

Take a look to see who all decided to open their own perfume brand:

Justin Bieber: Someday

pic courtesy: youtube
At some point in time, we must have all said things like ‘I hate Justin Beiber.’ But still, listen to his catchy music and then criticise him. However, this young boy was a genius. He didn’t stop minting money with music. He decided to move a notch further and release a perfume. Beiber released he had a huge fan following from women and young girls all around the world. So decided it would be a great idea to release a perfume and drive them all nuts. He released ‘Someday’, which in the span of 3 weeks got 3 million dollars.

Beyonce: Heat 

pic courtesy: brilio
The queen of the world Beyoncé. She empowers women all around the globe with her music. She is worshipped and idolized. I think all of us are have been caught humming “Who runs the world, girls girls.” And they do! At least she makes you think you can make a change. Beyonce, known to be classy, elegant and steaming hot decided to release her scent to the world through ‘Heat’ to drive them nuts.

Madonna: Truth or Dare

pic courtesy: pinterest
That’s our girl, Madonna, always twisting reality cause normal life is a way too boring. The pop star decided to release her floral, woods, and vanilla-scented perfume in such a time that it would coincide with her album release in 2011. However Madonna in an interview said she always wanted to have her own perfume, “I have always been obsessed by fragrance and for years wanted to create something personal that was an expression of me but that other people could relate to as well. Something honest, and yet daring, hence the name 'Truth or Dare.'"

Sarah Jessica Parker: Lovely

pic courtesy: zmmore
Sarah most famous perfume ‘Lovely’ is still Parker's most well-known scent that came out 11 years ago. Can you believe it? Now she has decided to release her second one STASH. When Sarah decided to release her scent, it was a common affair. She was the first few well-known celebrities that decided to open their own brand of perfume.

I hope you too make a perfume that we all can fangirl about someday.

Written by
Payal Singh

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