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Times Have Changed For Women In Saudi For better

Saudi Arabia has been a country where women have been denied the most basic rights from marriage to driving. These age-old traditions have made women beholden to their male companions. However, 2017 changed that around for these women.

Before I tell you what rights these women have got after years of struggles. You should know they are still denied a lot of basic rights. The list is endless however take a look at some of the things
women still can’t do in the 21st century.

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They are denied entry into healthcare facilities without a male companion. Not only that, they need a male companion to get a divorce, to travel, get a job. Even getting an elective surgery is not possible with their a male accommodating them.

But let's focus on what they have achieved over the years however ultraconservative their society maybe :

Women can vote

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Yes, the king of Saudi Abdulla decided to let women vote in 2015. It didn’t stop there the women could even be appointed in the constituent assembly. In 2017 King Salman allowed women to visit educational institutions without a male companion.

Women can get an education

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Such a basic right was denied for years. It was found out that, there were more women in Saudi universities than men in 2015. The literacy rates of women are much higher than men. Bu higher I mean by 91%.

Women started driving in Saudi

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It started on 26 September 2017, with the King of Saudi, allowing women to drive without the permission of a legal guardian.It has come after years of struggles from women activists who have fought for this basic right. Many women have been arrested because of their disobedience.

Women are allowed to enter Sports Stadiums

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The second major change that came in 2017 was allowing women to enter Sports stadiums.
Yes, we really take things for granted. We know we are privileged when we don’t have to think about it. The start of 2018, the Saudi women will be able to enter sports stadiums. Now the three major stadiums in Saudi will have to prepare it for family accommodation. However, we still don’t know the seating arrangement of the stadium, since, in Saudi, it is an age-old custom that men and women sit differently.

Whatever the scenario may be in Saudi, these women are fierce and are always going to fight for their rights.

Written by
Payal Singh

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