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Self-defence Tips And Moves Every Woman Should Know

What is Self-defence? Is it bullying other people weaker than you?? Is it just physically beating up anyone to satisfy your ego?? No, definitely not.

When we talk about self-defence, we do not understand its importance of it in our daily lives. Self-defence is the awareness of some basic rules to help protect yourself from any danger even if you are caught off guard. Women should make self-defence to the top of their priority list. It will give them an internal confidence and also, to a certain extent, curb heinous crimes against women like – Domestic violence, Spousal abuse, Rape, Kidnap, Robbery and more.

So, today we will know some basic tips & techniques of self-defence. But before we start discussing them, we should know to protect yourself, you need not be karate or trained martial art expert.

There are some basic tips which will guide you on how you can protect yourself without such expert training.

Being Alert

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First and foremost rule in self-defence is Be Alert.  If you are aware of your surroundings and keep to busy roads while leaving out dark or dimly lit areas, areas with sparse population, and, most important, Please Do Not Play With Your Phone. Your phone should be used to share your destination details with as many people as you can.  Playing/looking on the phone can make you an easy victim of predators.

Good Cardio

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Next, a regular cardio is a must. It not only keeps you in shape but if you need to flee from your attacker, then cardio does it all. Your body is ready to give your attacker a tough race.

Small Objects As Weapons

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We often neglect small objects that we use in our daily lives in self-defence. All sort of such negligible things like an umbrella, a pen, a set of keys, a hairpin/ safety pin can come to your rescue in time of crisis.


Being Loud

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Calling / Yelling for help is one important tip that should never be ignored. It might not prove very helpful, but it may divert the attention of the attacker or sometimes, it can even scare him to an extent.


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Technical improficiency can be taken care of by one and only one thing that everyone possesses – Aggression. Yes, you get that absolutely right. When you really need to physically confront your attacker, your gut/instinct determines your moves which with full aggression can give your striker a good hard punch.

Weak Spots

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A woman should be the only one who knows her strengths and these should be kept to herself only. She can scratch, pull, grab, hit or kick while aiming at one of the five weak spots – Groin, Knees, Neck, Nose and Eyes. While hitting hard at any of these weak spots, please do keep in mind that the shin is more delicate than the groin. So, if possible, try to hit the shin with full force.

We have discussed some tips above, and now we will know some basic techniques of self-defence.

Back Kick

Women sandals are not only a topic of fashion and trend only. When you are attacked from behind, pointed heels can be a great thing to inflict a sharp and irresistible pain on the lower leg of the striker. He will not be able to ignore this pain.

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When you are attacked from the back, then also heels can be used to kick hard in the direction between the legs known as the crotch. Or, you can also hit your head back or elbow, so as to push him away from you.


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Some women will still be thinking what to do if they get choked?? Yes, that sounds scary, but even this is not an unavoidable situation. Just bend down, lean forward & then hit his chin very hard with your head and finish it with a strong kick on the groin. He will dare not bother you again!!


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There are two most popular and widely used techniques. They are – Straight Punch & Knee Kick. When the attacker stands right in front of you, then with all your energy and strength aim straight for his face. Then grab him by his neck and shoulders and hold on to as much skin as possible. This will give your knee kick a harder and stronger result and the attacker will be lying down in front of you.

Now that we have discussed some basic tips and techniques of self-defence, we should not take them lightly. You must have heard that practice maketh a man. Please practice these techniques and do follow the tips to keep predators at bay.

Never ever underestimate or belittle a woman. She may be delicate and fragile but when it comes to protecting her dignity and honour, she can thrash you. She knows it is her right to fight back for her safety and security. So, men, don’t you dare mess with a woman.

Shakespeare has rightly quoted - “ Though she be but little, she is fierce “.

So, all women reading this...keep one thing in mind – Fightback – Self Defense Is Your Right!

Written by
Ruchika Mertia

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