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SHEROES: An Amazing Concept Of Online Health Community

When we experience any weird symptom of unwellness, what is the first thing that comes to our mind?
 “Is this happening only to me? Or others experience this as well? Is this normal? Or is this something to be afraid of?”

At that moment we need an advisor, a friend, just another woman who has undergone this already or someone who has seen this to happen to somebody else. And of course, we wish we could get access to a doctor immediately.

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But we need an assurance before we need medicines. Online health community at SHEROES comes in handy.

A few days back I was feeling unwell suddenly late at night. I wrote how I was feeling and posted it. Answers started coming in from other members like me. Some of them said that they too experience the same. I was at once relieved.

Later on, I observed how this concept of running an Health Community makes life easier.
So what we gain by joining the health community?

Instant mental support

Doesn’t it feel good to know that you are surrounded by all women around while you are ill? Maybe from far away, but simple wishes can matter most in tough times.
Peer to peer support can work wonders. Just one comment saying, “I too felt like this few weeks ago. Doctors said there was nothing serious to worry about.”
Won’t you feel relaxed after reading this?

Knowledge from experiences of other members

You write about your symptoms. Women around identifies them with theirs. They come forward and start sharing their experiences. If you find your symptoms relate to their symptoms, you can get an idea of what might have happened. I was feeling dizzy accompanied with little nausea that night. Someone said, “Maybe you need to check your blood pressure. This happens to me when my pressure is low.”
It turned out to be true in my case also.

Expert help (from doctors)

All your confusions get cleared at once when the doctors step in. You get personalized advice only meant for your problems. They can advise you on what particular specialist you need to go to for treatment or check-up. The best part is that everything is free. You are bound to feel a sisterly connection with everyone in the community including the doctors.
At SHEROES health community there are fabulous doctors to help us whenever we need.

Easy home remedies

Women know it all. We, women, are expert at home remedies. This descended from our grandmoms and moms down to us. Some small issues can get cured by home remedies before reaching the doctor’s chamber.
Home remedies work instantly if there is no underlying big issue behind your symptoms. As advised by one member, I had a cup of coffee and started feeling well after a while. It might be a temporary solution but it was better than stressing out alone.

Second/Third opinion or more than that

Who doesn’t want a second opinion? How about getting that for free? And not only second opinion. You can get more than two.This online health community is probably the best place to look forward to opinions from experts.
While waiting for reports you can easily reach out to doctors in health community for instant support.

Knowledge of other illness symptoms from the members

At present, you may not have the illness, but the knowledge may help you in future to manage your own disease or your close ones. You can equip yourself with useful tips to act on if the similar situation arises in your life too. Recently I came to know from a member that kidney problems come with severe back pain which we usually think is due to hard work.

Detailed discussion opportunity

Nowadays doctors hardly have time to listen to all your details in the chamber/clinic. Here everyone is all ears. You are free to give a detailed explanation of what is happening and how you are feeling about it. Members genuinely read all of it until the end and comment accordingly.


Not every problem can be shared disclosing our real names. Here nobody is interested in knowing your identity. On the contrary, members encourage each other to open up anonymously. Doctors too can get a clear picture of what has happened when you open up without any hesitation. For example, a woman may not feel comfortable in sharing problems related to her private body parts or sexual issues for example.

Access to useful medical Information

There are symptoms which are actually red signals to some serious health conditions. Our doctors keep the members updated with useful information in form of easy infographics. You get these things randomly on the internet but how to find out if the information provided is genuine? Here our doctors write them. So we are in safe hands.

Health goal management

Nothing can be more supportive than a group of women with same health goals. Motivation from women who are already sticking to their health goals can work to make you do the same. For example, you want to wake up in the morning for a walk. But you are too lazy. Share what you want and you will find others motivating you. Members who take morning walks can ask you about it and push you to wake up and walk.

Information exchange and real-life reviews of local doctors

Google may not come up with reviews of the doctor in your locality. Reviews from members who had been there can help you to choose where to visit for a checkup.

Success stories 

Nothing can be more motivating than a success story. When someone gets to know another person who had been through the same illness as hers has recovered fully and is leading a normal healthy life, she starts recovering fast. Confidence feeds mental strength.

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So you are welcome to share your health issues here and support each other. This can be a mentally rewarding and info-rich experience.You have to lose nothing here. You can only gain. Get enriched and enrich others. Your knowledge, the experience can help someone in their hard times of fighting with a disease.

Written by
Shiny Hoque

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