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Qualities of a Strong Women That Makes Most Men Anxious

Being a strong woman is not at all easy. You have to go through a lot of hardships, sacrifices, struggles, and selflessness. Such type of women is special and worth a salute. The strong woman knows that what role should be played at what time. But do you think that a weak man can handle a strong woman? I guess NO, but why? let’s find out.

1. Can stand and fight for herself

Women are strong enough both physically and mentally. Managing stuff both personal and professionally like a pro, only a woman can do it. And that’s the reason why a strong woman doesn’t need a man to complete her or stand for her because she herself can survive. Strong women will find out her way instead of sitting and waiting for some prince charming to come and save her and will come out like a wonder woman. But some men who are “sick and mentally retarded ” won’t understand that as for them their male ego comes is most important. So if you decide to be with this type of woman, be ready to walk beside her, not in front of her.

2. Aware of what she wants

We live in 21 st century where women are no less than men. They are strong, bold, and confident, and that’s what makes today’s women, strong one. They know what they want from life and how to achieve them. Today’s women are expressive and don't even give a damn when it comes to making her first move. If she likes you or loves you, she won’t wait for the 11th hour. Strong women will love you wholeheartedly and will keep exploring the whole world, even without you. Well, well it takes a lot of courage to let overrule such type of personality.

3. Expect honesty and vulnerability

Strong women believe in ‘’ honesty is the best policy”. Well, you heard it right. A Strong woman wants a man who is honest and vulnerable as they have risen from the ashes of former selves. They have struggled a lot in their life. So expecting honesty from their better half is not a bad thing. Women who are strong they don’t fear the past as they believe, whatever happens, happens for a good reason.

4. Attracts attention

When a strong woman walks into a room, everyone takes a notice as she is crafted with boldness and confidence which not only makes her sexy but beautiful and charming too. So don't feel bad about not being noticed when you are with her and try to control your male ego. Well, you know the reason right?

5. Loves you from the bottom of her heart

Strong women will be faithful when it comes to love. Her love will be pure and unconditional, keep that in mind. She will nurture and love her man completely and when she will be loved in return, she will do anything she can do to make you feel special. Not only this but she will support you, help you and fight for you from anything. But that doesn’t mean she will not let you go. Sometimes men get scared by intensity and depth of giving, as a result, they get separated from her.

6. Waiting for a man! Not her cup of tea

She will love you till her last breath and till the time you are committed to her. The moment you start pulling her back, she will not even think twice to let you go. She will not wait for you to decide if she is a perfect one or not. She is mature enough and doesn't believe in playing childish games. She is clear in her decisions. Either you are in or out. Simple and sorted.

7. Show you who you are

A Strong woman doesn't believe in being sugarcoated. She believes in accepting ourselves. She works like a mirror and will guide her man. A Strong woman will always be there to help you,  show you that how amazing and powerful you are. Due to this reason, some men can’t handle the emotional chaos and will leave a strong woman. Men who can handle intensity, love, and conversations only those can match with a stronger one after all they are also raised by a strong woman.

Being in a relationship with a strong woman can be difficult for few. Not everyone can handle her strength. There is a misconception that a woman falls for those guys who are rich but the fact is they fall for those who are ready to support her emotionally because it is as important as financial and physical. Guys! Hope you keep that in mind.

Written by
Ayushi Sharma

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