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5 Health Benefits of Hugging Your Spouse Every Day

health benefits of hugging your spouse
Who doesn’t love a hug? It is the one act that reassures you in every way that you are not alone, that somebody is there for you throughout. When you step into a married life, you are suddenly thrown into a new dimension, where the only way to not falter is with the complete support from your spouse.


hugging reduces stress releases oxytocin
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When your spouse hugs you, it releases a hormone called oxytocin, which boosts your emotions and makes you feel completely safe, secured and loved. It also connects you emotionally to the person you are hugging. So it is an effective as well as a very easy way to enrich your married life.


hugging boosts immune system
photo courtesy: Huffington Post
Can you believe that something as easy as hugging can actually boost your immune system? The release of the oxytocin will have you in a condition of pure glee. You’ll be neck up with positivism and positive thinking will enhance your immunity. So now there is an easier way to keep the doctor away.


hugging incites intimacy between couples
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The most obvious benefit of hugging your spouse is that it will incite the intimacy between you and your spouse. It is a way of communication, without words and only through your feelings. You take up all of your spouse’s hard and sad feelings and return them with comfort and vice versa. When you are stress-free, your intimate moments will be much more special and thereby deepens your relationship.


hugging stimulates serotonin in males
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While hugging your spouse, apart from increasing your levels of oxytocin, the action also increases your spouse’s level of serotonin. Serotonin helps incite the intense feelings and emotions in them and they will delve into a more sensuous mood.


hugging improves sleep by releasing stress
photo courtesy: Buzzit
Last but not the least, hugging improves your sleep. Studies have shown that the act of hugging which releases the hormone oxytocin, will reduce your stress and blood pressure. Better sleep means a better you, a better you will make your spouse a better partner, and voila there is your happily ever after.

Written by
Parvathy N

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