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Sanju Movie: An Honest Portrayal of A Flawed Human Being

A biopic that has certainly been a hit in the box office, Sanjay Dutt is one of the most controversial actors in Bollywood had, of course, paved a way for a biopic that would be remembered for a long time.
However as the story of Sanjay Dutt unveils in "Sanju" one is bound to wonder if the strong and quite apt line "One Man, Many Lives" does justice to Sanjay Dutt's journey.

Such anticipation for the movie had already sealed a very hard analysis of the movie as it was not only considered as the movie that would finally showcase Mr.Dutt's side but it was also regarded as Ranbir Kapoor's come back movie and surely it has fulfilled both the causes.


Although the  movie was quite successful in delivering all the drama and humour as well as the justifications for the major events in Sanjay Dutt's life and portrayed a beautiful and sentimental relationship between a father and a son and their journey, it somewhere fell short of showcasing Sanjay Dutt's relation with anyone one else other than his father and his friend.

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Many people have argued that Mr. Hirani being a good friend showcased only the things that would portray his friend in good light and chose to skip some of the negative aspects that could have used some light.


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The actors have done an impeccable job in portraying the feelings that must have been felt in real life, Ranbir Kapoor's hard work has certainly paid off for when the credits start to roll and he does a song with the real Sanjay Dutt, it's almost difficult to tell them apart, from his talking style, body language to mannerisms, Ranbir Kapoor had it all down and his efforts could be easily seen throughout the movie.


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The music of the movie somehow makes the whole experience more magical, references to old music keeps you hooked and of course the movie is packed with scenes carrying potential of bringing you to tears, the movie just like Sanjay Dutt's life can be compared to a roller coaster ride, as the director smartly balances the intense scenes with perhaps scenes which are less intense.


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While watching you cannot help but feel sympathetic towards each and every one of Hirani's character at some point. Perhaps maybe this serves as a proof that Mr. Hirani has been successful at using the power of the screen to the fullest by his direction.

In the end, yes the movies leaves lots of loops open in Sanju's story but still the story of an incredible man has been showcased incredibly.

Written by
Onisha Murab

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