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5 Signs you're giving too much of yourself in a relationship

Relationships are difficult to understand and are often complicated. But what complicates them is the imbalance, the difference in expectations of the partners involved, inequality in the responsibility distribution etc. And mostly one of the two is at the receiving end of the burden of this imbalance and unequal distribution. But what here needs to be determined first is that, are you the one?

The guess is that if you have already opened this link and are reading this, then you or someone you know must be feeling like it. To help you decide whether those feelings need to be taken seriously or must be refuted, we have a list of signs that you for sure, must look for if you think you are giving too much in your relationship and getting nothing equivalent to that in return.

1. You always initiate a conversation

One of the clearest signals of disinterest is not initiating communication in any manner. If you often end up sending them a text after waiting for them to miss you or even notice the 3-day gap, then you must take a step back.
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If you repeatedly find yourself stuck in a barrage of different excuses when you bring up this concern, take the sign and don’t believe the misleading words or justifications.

2. You work around their schedule

If you meet or talk only at times preferable or convenient to your partner and he/she refuses to budge from their schedule to make time for you, its time you understand that your partner is taking you for granted.
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So basically, when they play the convenience card, leave the table.

3. You always end up taking the blame

Among many heated arguments and fights, if you are the one taking or being dumped the blame and end up apologising even for his/her mistakes, then that is the most harmful mistake you’re making for your self-esteem.
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If you are a part of such unfortunate situation, understand that your emotions are being played for.

4. They don’t make efforts to know you

Every relationship begins with knowing a little about a person and in a pursuit of knowing more and the most about your partner. Where relationships flourish on better knowledge and understanding of your beloved, its foundation breaks and collapses when such efforts are nowhere to be seen.
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If you realise or feel that only you are making conscious efforts to know more about your partner and find yourself lost in the relationship, then get ready to lose the relationship.

5. They don’t integrate you in their life

In a relationship, when you grow closer to each other with time, you gradually start becoming an essential part of each other’s lives.
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But if your partner makes you feel otherwise where you don’t feel enough warmth in his/her approach towards integrating you in their life, then make sure you don’t let them control the relationship at your cost.

If all these signs point you towards an unhealthy relationship, end it before it does incurable harm to your self-worth. Keep the toxic out of your life and never trade anything with your worth and your emotions.

Written by
Ayushi Jain

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