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How to Motivate and Pick Yourself Up After a Failure

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In our lives, no matter what we work towards, failure is inevitable. You can’t develop a fear of failure or try to avoid it because as much as failure is disappointing, it is also a huge opportunity to learn new things about yourself and the situation.

Here are some methods to help yourself get back up after a setback.

1. Recognize what needs to be tackled 

recognize what needs to be tackled after a failure
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During setbacks, we make a mistake of thinking that it’s all over and we can’t move forward. But the truth is that, if we recognize what the problem is and find a logical way to solve it, we can overcome the obstacles. If we let our emotions get in the way and stop thinking clearly, we will just be in despair, instead, we need to use our head to tackle the issues realistically and move forward.

2. Managing Emotions

learn to manage your emotions after a failure
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We need to let ourselves feel whatever it is that we are feeling. It can be sadness, anger, frustration or humiliation, any feeling that we are experiencing is important, after experiencing these feelings, we need to resolve it properly.

Resolving can occur in many different ways, such as you can just scream to let it out, or go for a walk, or come up with the realistic answers to why you are feeling the way you are. The key is to let your body feel the emotion and then resolve it without rushing the process. Otherwise, there will always be unresolved feelings and suppressed emotions which will express itself in other ways in your life.

3. Make a plan again

make a plan again after a failure
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The reason I have included the word ‘again’ is because I am sure there must have been some plan in your mind all along before the setback, but now it’s all fragmented and you are confused. So after the first two steps, you need to pick yourself up and focus your energy on making a new and improved plan.

Plans are made to be changed and modified constantly, it’s not set in stone. You need to modify it, see where you went wrong, see what can be done to possibly avoid it in the future and then act on it. If you don’t have a clear picture in your head, you won’t feel confident with your moves.

4. Change your perspective on failure

Change your perspective on failure
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After all these steps, you are ready to move forward. The only thing you need to remember that what you experienced is a lesson, an opportunity for you to grow and learn. If you hadn’t experienced it you would never be successful. There is no one in this world who became successful without their fair share of setbacks and if you don’t experience them, it only means that you are not close to your success.

Think of it as an opportunity, maybe difficult but still an opportunity to grow and evolve. This is the only way you can move past all the failures without draining yourself mentally or emotionally.

Written by
Sucharitha V

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