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5 Things That You Should NeverTolerate In A Relationship

No relationship is perfect. A bad relationship is often the hardest things to spot. You are in love and you want to make it work. Disagreements and fights are a part of every healthy equation. But, there's a line which should not be crossed, because what lies on the other side is unacceptable.


One doesn't have to hit you in order to be called abusive. Abuse can be physical, emotional as well as sexual. Many of us put up with emotional or verbal abuse without realising it. If you are constantly put down, or made to feel inadequate maybe you need to walk out of the relationship.


Little white lies are okay. But, lying about things that matter, like one's whereabouts, social circle, and finances, is not okay under any circumstances. A relationship is based on trust, and lying severs it irreparably.


Sure, relationships are complex, and people cheat for different reasons. Sometimes, it isn't because they have fallen out of love, or even out of spite.Under no circumstances should you accept an affair, or a pattern of hooking up with someone else.

Least priority:

You can't always keep your partner first but if you feel that you always figure last on his/her priority list, almost like an option that he has to deal with, you are better off without the relationship.


Love might be the most important thing for your relationship to begin but respect is what will keep it going. Make sure he respects your thoughts and decisions whether he agrees with them or not.

Finding the middle ground:

A relationship is about compromising, and finding the middle ground.

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