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Signs That Say It's Time To Leave Your Abusive Relationship

In a quest to find true love, sometimes we rush and end up in relationships that are not meant to be, in relationships that serve no purpose, in relationships that are least of all healthy. And the stigma of sticking around is what is harming all of us together as a society. We, the Millennials live our lives with closed doors and broken hearts, damaged self-confidence and destructive thoughts and in seeking a perfect piece to fit, we sometimes force them and do not realise when it turns or becomes toxic.

In this day and time where we live our lives more on social media than in reality, we are subconsciously letting our rational judgement be crowded by the thoughts of superficiality. And it is this crowded judgement coupled with the fear of ending up alone which hampers our ruling whether the unhappy relationship we are in is an abusive one or not.

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If you can’t find the courage to leave your abusive partner, then stop thinking and just do it because it’s better to peel off the band-aid at once and swallow the pain than slowly suffering in this abusive relationship. And by abusive, here I do not just mean a physically abusive one but the one that is causing emotional and mental stress more than it is making you happy.

But if you can’t decide whether your relationship is abusive or not, then we have listed down a few signs for you to read in your relationship to decide better.

1. If you don’t see your partner in the future

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When we get habitual of someone, we do not comprehend the amount of compromises we make. And when the other person starts to take those compromises for granted, initially it affects your sense of being and then you gradually begin to drift apart. It is in this subconscious behaviour that your partner slips from your future plans and dreams of ending up together without your conscious knowledge.

2. Their absence makes you happy

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If in their absence, you do not miss them and instead feel at peace and find yourself breathing a fresh air of space and contentment then it is a clear indication of the relationship being a toxic one. It is bound to happen if their presence makes you feel suffocated and you stay under a constant pressure of outperforming yourself in every way possible.

3. When you expect the least

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When you commit to a relationship, you tend to depend on the other person and naturally the expectations rise with time. But in a toxic relationship, these expectations die faster and you end up taking care of yourself better.

4. When he physically abuses you for the first time

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When he, for the first time physically abuses you and do not comply as per your content then it is the only and clear indication and reason you need to leave that person for your own good and move on.

If you have witnessed or felt all of this, then please get rid of such toxicity from your life and later you will surely thank your previous self who was courageous enough to walk out at the right time. 

Written by
Ayushi Jain

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