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How To Spend Your Free Time During Coronavirus Lockdown

How To Spend Your Free Time During Coronavirus Lockdown
COVID-19 has flip-flopped our lives as we know it, it's a stressful and serious situation and we all need to abide with the lock down to fight and recover from this dreadful threat to humanity. Social distancing is the best way to decrease the risk of spreading the virus in our communities.

Though many people are comfortable in this lock down, still many are finding it difficult to keep themselves occupied, which in turn may lead to stress and anxiety. The best way out is by taking out time to do the things that make you smile and laugh can make daily life more enjoyable.

It’s time to find joy in little things of life, like getting to spend more time with loved ones. We are sharing just a few such things or ways to spend your free time during the lock down.



While gyms are closed you can indulge in all types of simple ways to keep your body active, like walking at-home exercises, aerobics, Zumba or playing with your kids/pets, and many other exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.

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This is the best time to exercise and ensure that you remain healthy and fit. This will definitely also help you towards improving your immunity.

Eat healthily

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Again a good time to practice a well-nourished and balanced diet in our daily lives, which we usually are not able to follow in our day to day hectic schedules.

Meditation and Yoga

Practising meditation and yoga will help you to strengthen your mental health. 
You can take help of any online guided meditation or yoga course and clear your mind and body of any negative things you might be holding on to and bring about a feeling of mental peace.

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Meditation helps to reduce stress, increases energy, enhances the immunity system, and benefits in a lot more ways.


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Memory flashbacks

The best benefit we all are getting out of this lockdown is the family time. In our daily life, we may not get a chance to bring back the old times. But, you can recollect them by looking at your old family photographs and videos together.

Play games

All family members can spend quality time together and can play games such as Ludo, carom, charades, board games, Jenga, and many other games with your entire family. 

Watch movies or online series

This is the best time to indulge in binge-watching old or new movies or online series that you always wanted to watch. Pick a few good Hollywood or Bollywood movies/series, grab some popcorn and call your family members to engage in this fun activity.

Apart from this families can cook together, Clean & organize the house, Read books together and can indulge in many more family-fun activities.


Social media is a powerful tool and with technology so advanced today, reach out to friends and colleagues regularly via phone, text, video calling other virtual platforms.

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This will also help in reducing your risk of depression and help to ease stress and anxiety if any.


We all have hobbies of which we have to let go due to limited time in our hands. This is an opportunity to explore more in our hobbies.

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Try your hand at painting, photography, writing poems, singing, dancing or reading. Choose any of the creative activities that you always wished to pursue, it will grant you peace of mind as well as do complete justice to your free time. 

We can indulge in many such small activities that will not only pass the time but also groom your personality and bring satisfaction in mind.

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Also what is important is, spend some time thinking about the things that make you feel grateful. Then express your gratitude to others. Tell your loved ones, family, friends, how much you appreciate them. Sharing these feelings can make us feel cared for and make us feel good.

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