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Powerful Movies That Explore Women's Sexuality

Everyone has some or the other way of expressing their ideas and thoughts and delivering it to the society. Cinema is one such platform where one can express his views and portray the harsh realities imposed on people by the society.

A woman’s sexual desires have always been a hushed affair in our country. It has always been treated as a taboo and the women who express their such desires have been put to shame. But today, we will try changing this scenario and discuss some movies that have taken the trodden path and daringly brought to light the innocence of a woman’s sexual desires.


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We all must remember the Priyanka Chopra – Kareena Kapoor – Akshay Kumar starrer movie Aitraaz, where Priyanka portrayed the woman with a vision – she knew exactly what she wanted, and also knew how to achieve them. Her marriage to an elderly man, played by Late Amrish Puri lacked physical intimacy which is why she turned to a married man, played by Kumar. The movie had two strong women, one of who resorts to unfair means to fulfil her sexual desire, and the other, played by Kareena Kapoor, who stood by her husband through the toughest time he had to face. Both women of substance – one portrayed negative and the other positive.

Margarita With A Straw

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A story of two differently disabled, or rather, abled girls, played by Kalki Koechlin and Sayani Gupta in Margarita With A Straw where the two women do not mind getting physically intimate with each other to satisfy their sexual cravings.


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Actress Tabu has always been known for hard-hitting roles she chooses to portray on screen. One such power packed performance from this actress was showcased in the movie – Astitva. The story dealt with a lonely housewife (Tabu) married a man (Sachin Khedekar) who neglects his wife and makes money his priority. In order to overcome this loneliness, she finds peace and solace in her music teacher (Mohnish Behl), gets into a purely physical relationship with him but realises that the society will not accept this relation, she breaks all contacts with him as a faithful and dutiful wife to her husband.


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Pariah is another movie that highlights the sexual cravings of a woman and how the world abuses or misinterprets her needs. The movie deals with an African – American high school senior who gradually realises and accepts herself as a lesbian. But the trauma is – she not only has to deal with the world outside but with her own mother who refuses to accept even the thought of her daughter being a lesbian.

Belle de jour

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Women’s sexual needs have been neglected and refused for ages. People do not like to talk about it as they consider it to be a social stigma or some sort of black spot on their faces. Even today, in the 21st century also, discussion on this topic has always been avoided and people tend to boycott this subject. But back in 1967, the movie, Belle de jour, came hitting on this subject. The story was about a bored housewife whose marriage lacked physical intimacy. This leads her to visit a high-class brothel where she meets a man who in turn gets obsessed with her and shoots her husband.

There are many other such powerful movies that were bold enough to explore women's sexual desire like Fire, Parched, Blue Is The Warmest Colour, It Felt Like Love and quite a few more.

Like men, women, too crave for sexual relations. But when it comes to men, people can openly talk about it, discuss it, and if required, find solutions to satisfy their need. But when it is about a woman’s cravings, then the society despises her feelings, blame it on her amoral upbringing, label her as a sex worker and so on. Why do you forget women are humans too, they are not some kind of robots that do not possess any feelings. All women should openly talk and discuss their sexual desires with their parents, partners and friends. It is nothing to be ashamed of.   

Written by
Ruchika Mertia

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