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10 Powerful Lessons You Learn From Life

As we go through the journey of life, we all learn our share of lessons along the way. The experiences differ for each and every person but each one definitely learns!

Like it's said...

"We are all in the same game, just at different levels"

1. You were eleven when you realised the world isn’t always filled with those rainbows and unicorns that you see on the television. The world isn’t black or white or good or bad. Sometimes the world is what it is and sometimes you have to grow up even when you don’t want but you have learnt now that this is how the world works and we work according to it.

2. You were twelve when you realised that perfection doesn’t always mean a two inch thigh gap or flat abs, it doesn’t mean that you have to eat in front of mirror or swallow water to drown your voice , you are attaining different levels of perfection now, go eat that slice of pizza you crave so much.

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3. You were thirteen when you realised that sometimes in order to get liked by others you have to pretend to be something that you are not, smile at faces you don’t like, laugh at jokes you don’t get and talk to friends that you know are fake , but you have decided that if this is what it takes, if losing yourself is what it takes to get popular than you would rather fly solo.

4. You were fourteen when you realised that just because you have stood up for other people, fought for them, been there for them, doesn’t mean that they will be there for you too, no one will be that first one to come and fight for you, that place on the list is only reserved for you.

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5. You were fifteen when you realise that people leave, people leave without caring for the heart that that leave behind and you are still learning to let them go. You have learnt that sometimes giving your all is just not enough but it’s okay. Darling, you deserve so much more than someone who can’t even look into your eyes in the morning.

6. You were sixteen when you realised that the ghosts that your grandfather talked about when you were little aren’t just myths, they come in form of haunting fingers and hushed whispers and they follow you around but you remember how he always told you to fight them and that is what you do , you fight them for yourself.

7. You were seventeen when you realised that wanting and needing are two different things, you might want to love that boy but you need to love yourself first, care for this body that you have learnt to hate, care for this mind that makes you so brave.

8. You were eighteen when you realised that home and house are two different things and if you keep putting your home in our people’s heart then all you’ll get is helplessness, destruction. Make this body your home and your mind your haven.

9. You were nineteen when you realised that when people change it doesn’t mean that you have to too. You are too precious and pure to change yourself into a sinister that everyone wants.

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10. You are 20 now and you have realised that life’s never been what you expected it to be, you have learnt the lesson that you wish you never had too, but you are a survivor now and surviving had become your skill, to conquer the world that waits for you.

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