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Powerful Home Remedies To Prevent Acne

You know those days where you just can’t wait to wear your dress that got yesterday. You can pretty much hear Bruno Mars telling you to just get at it and then you look in your mirror and see “it”-the dreaded zit. Come on we’ve all been there, right? Trying to put layer upon layer of concealer on our face to cover that bump, well I say no more.

Here are some of the easiest and quickest remedies to get rid of these little monsters.

Causes and types of acne:

First, it is important to understand what causes these things to plague our skin:

The first one and the most common ones are the blackheads and the whiteheads which are usually found on the nose and nasal area, however, in some cases, they might affect the outer part of your cheeks.

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The blackheads are caused when bacteria, dead skin and harmful substances clog the follicles and reach the surface and by coming in contact with the air they make their presence noticeable, as for whiteheads they caused due to the presence of excessive oil, the glands are clogged with oil and covered by skin. Therefore, the oil does not reach the surface and is trapped between the skin layers.

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The second type of acne that appears on our skin is pustules they are hard to touch and are usually filled with pus, they mostly appear as white spots on the surface but the centre is mostly pale yellow, it is usually advised not to picking or bursting. They are caused mainly when the pores of your skin become clogged with oil and dead skin cells.

The cyst is the type of the acne that is deep, appears big, and is pus-filled. It is actually painful to touch and needs immediate attention from a doctor.


Now comes the part where we prevent it, coming from someone who has tried everything that could be found in our kitchen, you have come to the right place, now lets start.

1. Multani mitti, lemon and rose water pack


Mix powered Multani mitti with ground lemon (grind it with the peel in a mixer) and rose water, make a paste and store in the fridge.

pic courtesy: pinterest

How to use:

Use this pack instead of normal face wash twice a day to keep the acne at bay. On applying, after 10 minutes the mitti will dry and you can wash it with cold water. Apply some cream or lotion if the skin feels rough or dry.

2. Baking powder and lemon juice or water


Mix baking powder and lemon or water to get a thick paste.

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How to use:

Apply the paste immediately to the affected area, it may tingle for some time. you can keep it on for five to ten minutes or overnight depending on the results.
This is considered one of the quickest method to remove acne.

3. Potato juice 


You can either extract the juice of potatoes or cut them into thin slices.

pic courtesy: timesofindia

How to use:

Apply the juice or the slices on the affected areas for 10 minutes, do it twice a day for fast results.
Note: This remedy can also be used to lighten scars and dark circles.

4. Banana 

pic courtesy: healthy
Well this one doesn't really require you to make a paste or cut it in slices but just to eat it, I know weird but it has been found that eating at least two bananas a day can make your skin clear and shiny within a week.

5. Detox water

pic courtesy: pinterest
This can help you with your acne in long run, drinking detox water is not only a trend but a highly effective method to flush out that acne-causing toxins out of your body.
There are various recipes on the web to help you make a detox drink. don't be afraid to try it as it can be extremely beneficial in not only keeping your skin clear but also help you fit.

There are hundreds of remedies to help you with the acne but the bottom line should always be that they are temporary. You can use all these remedies however acne is natural and they will never have the power to tone down your beauty, you can never stop being confident because of them, they are not worth the stress.

Ps: Stress causes acne.

Written by
Onisha Murab

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