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Celebrity Single Moms Who Are Totally Inspiring

Parenthood is always challenging; and when it comes to single parenting, be it as a mother or father is even more challenging. But as we say, children are a gift from heaven, they are never a burden.

Today, even men are opting for single fatherhood, however tough the role be. Take, for example, Tusshar Kapoor, son of veteran actor Jeetendra, who went through IVF and surrogacy and is now a single father. Ace filmmaker, Karan Johar, also joined the league recently, when he became a proud dad to two kids.

For women, the society has been setting different rules. Being a single mother was to date considered to be a social stigma. But women today have proved that a mother is a mother, no matter if she is single, she is capable to take care of her child. Only a woman can understand that the utmost requirement for being a single mother is nothing but a firm belief in herself and all she will need is support from within (if not from outside).

Konkona Sen Sharma

pic courtesy: twitter
A name in Bollywood that needs no introduction announced her pregnancy before her marriage to Ranvir Shorey and also flaunted her baby bump. Today’s women understand that motherhood is a Divine gift to them and that they need not be ashamed of it, come what may.
Today, we will know about a few such women who denied all sort of orthodox thought processes and are successful single moms inspiring everyone around the world.

Sushmita Sen

pic courtesy: twitter
She is a beauty with brains, she is our very own ex-Miss Universe who had to fight a long legal battle to gain custody of two girls whom she had adopted, the reason for this battle her being single. But, with complete determination and faith, refusing to give up, she overcame all hurdles and came out as a clear winner. Today she is a proud mom, single, and the rest, as said, is history. She is a clear and biggest example of a woman who refused to believe that to experience motherhood, a woman is compelled to get married.

The actress, the star is an example that a woman alone is capable to bring up her kids with respect and dignity. She has been a pillar of strength for her two daughters at every point of time. She has successfully managed to balance her professional life so as to never disturb the quality time she gets to spend with her daughters.

Neena Gupta

Remember, the face seen with yesteryear’s icon, Madhuri Dixit in the iconic dance – song number from movie Khalnayak, and, can you also reminisce actor Kanwaljit’s ex-wife from a popular TV soap opera, Saans, which changed the famous of Indian television. Yes, we are talking about none other than Neena Gupta.

pic courtesy: twitter
Her daughter was born out of wedlock and the father was none other than Sir Vivian Richards, a name in the heart and memory of every cricket buff. But Gupta did not give her daughter up, and today India is grateful to her for this decision. Do you know, that this decision gave India none other than an ace fashion designer, Masaba Gupta!!! Thank you,  Neena Mam!

Angelina Jolie

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Can anyone forget the shocking separation of Hollywood’s most admired couple, Brangelina? Surely, none would forget that. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt separated recently, with Angelina getting the custody of all her six kids. Post-divorce, Angelina has brought up their kids quite successfully and whenever necessary, she does not even hesitate to bring them to her shooting schedule so as to take care of them. Her success as an actor or as a single mom post-divorce can never be confined to few words.

Honey Irani

pic courtesy: twitter
How can we introduce her? Let us see, sister of veteran actress Daisy Irani, former wife of poet-lyricist Javed Akhtar, mother of Zoya Akhtar and Farhan Akhtar. Yes, the ex-wife of Javed Akhtar is a single successful mother of bollywood filmmaker Zoya Akhtar and Farhan Akhtar. Their success in their fields itself speaks of the mother’s success in bringing up her kids single-handedly.

Urvashi Dholakia

pic courtesy: twitter
Known as the most hated (loved) vamp “Komolika”, Urvashi is “Prerna” to many. She became a mom to twin boys at a young age of 17 but soon after she separated from her husband. Since then, Urvashi has been a single mom to her boys bringing them up with the best of everything – Values, Morals, Ethics.

Amrita Singh

pic courtesy: twitter
India knows her as yesteryear’s bollywood face and the ex-wife of Saif Ali Khan. But there is more than that to Amrita. She is a successful single mother to her daughter, Sara and son, Ibrahim. Amrita also made a huge comeback on Indian television and Bollywood after her divorce. But she is one woman who did not let her professional life or her separation from her husband affect the children in any negative way.


pic courtesy: twitter
Sarika, a name Indian cinema can never forget, at the peak of her career, married actor Kamal Hassan in 1985. They had two daughters but soon after they got divorced. But this did not stop Sarika from bringing up her daughters single-handedly and bravely too. Their daughters need no introduction just like their mom or dad. Yes, they are actors Shruti Hassan and Akshara Hassan. Akshara had a dream debut in Bollywood when she shared the screen with none other than the legend himself, Amitabh Bachchan in Shamitabh.

These women have changed the perception of people who look down upon women if they are single mothers and consider them as an unwanted black scar on their so-called clean society. The kids’ lives and their success stories are a reflection of how successful they have been as single mothers. Surely, a woman does not need a man to complete her, rather it is the other way round. Men need women to take care of them, their kids and their family. A woman completes a man, she does not require a man to complete her. She herself is complete.

Single motherhood, until now, was a taboo. But today, even the Indian Law has made rules and regulations to support women who are single moms. The father’s name is not mandatory according to law.

Written by
Ruchika Mertia

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