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Importance of Physical Fitness, Nutrition and Healthy Eating

We all must have heard that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

So, what is being healthy? A completely healthy body is one which is fit in all the 3 aspects – Physical, Mental & Nutritional.

Most important factor in a Physically healthy & fit body that one needs to understand is being skinny is not being fit.
A fit body is one which has no excess fat, and body weight is in perfect sync with height and age.

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To keep the body in shape, or, to be physically fit, one has to exercise regularly, take a brisk walk and all kinds of activities that require body strength or rather body has to be involved in physical movement continually. Importance of physical fitness cannot be emphasized enough.

Coming to the second aspect, a stress-free mind without any worries or mental strain is being Mentally healthy.

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A mentally healthy mind helps improve concentration and you can focus on your life goals clearly and more efficiently.

Nutritional health is one aspect which has been neglected for a long time span. Nutrition means not only good but eating healthy.

Malnutrition & Over nutrition both account for ill health in one’s body. This means that overeating will lead to congestion and hence fat accumulation in the body thus resulting in your being obese. Under eating/dieting leads to starvation and thus the body gets depleted of the necessarily required sources of energy to keep the organs function properly.

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So, we come to a dead end!! No, we don’t. Now, that we know what not to do, we should also know the dos too. All that we need to understand here is eating healthy & timely with proper exercises, and keeping your mind free of any kind of stress is Nutritional health.

Today, when the world is moving towards a digital & sedentary lifestyle, it becomes all the more important to know and moreover, understand the meaning of being Healthy & Fit.

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Regular physical exercises help reduce the risk of heart diseases by keeping the performing of heart & lungs efficiently burning off excess calories thus keeping a check on weight.

Many other problems that even the young generation face today like high blood pressure, joint pains, stress, anxiety, depression all can be combated if the body is completely healthy & fit.

Knowing about being healthy and fit is not enough. It is doing, putting great efforts to reach your ultimate goal – Being Healthy & Fit. When you look good, you feel good and this adds as an asset to your confidence level. People admiring you, looking up to you is something that everyone craves for.

So, don’t wait ... get started & workout.

Written by
Ruchika Mertia

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