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Useful Tips How to Help Your Children Cope With Exam Stress

If there is one thing that students dread the most, it is exams. No matter whether you are 9 or 19, your parents can get your stress level high before any exam. And when the parents are not the problem, this increasing and intensive competition leaves no one stress-free.

Though many fields or streams have opened up for kids nowadays, academics still play an important role in deciding the future so to say. Even today, relatives who never call throughout the year, very interestingly call after the board result. Even today, people feel embarrassed to share their kid's low marks because marks somewhere define intelligence.

Though academics have its share of importance in establishing a good foundation, it should not be the only prospect of judgement. Moreover, stress adversely affects the performance of any individual.
And that is why here are some useful tips for the kids which will help them stay calm and focused during exams.

1. Little play breaks

As the popular saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” 
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The saying stays true even during exams. For better concentration, one must allow the kids to take small breaks during long hours of study. This helps in rejuvenating the lost focus and refreshes the mind. These little play breaks will be effective when after a small refreshment break, one will return to studying with full attention and focus.

2. Keep them healthy

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Healthy meals keep the stomach happy and a happy stomach ensures undivided attention. During exams, distractions come easier than ever and unhealthy meals will prove to be an unnecessary reason for the distraction. To keep the mind fresh, one must have a healthy diet and that includes fresh fruits, vegetables etc., basically Ghar ka khaana. Though late nights can be a bit tempting to eat all the junk but it’s always better to have a nice fit diet. Also, keeping the body hydrated is one way of keeping it contained and that is also very important.

3. Talk to the kids 

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As parents, it is very important to talk to the kids as their friends. Make the kids so comfortable that they can come and share their every concern with you. Upon sharing the problem, if you tend to scold or shout at your kid, stop right now! This is definitely affecting your child the wrong way, for now, they’ll have more things to worry about than just exams. Instead, talk to them, normalise the exam pressure that they don’t feel lonely and suffer alone. Be a part of the process and you’ll see the improvement.

4. Let them focus

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During exams, students worry about nothing else. You too should not. Don’t force them to follow the regular routine, instead, you manoeuvre around their timetable a bit. If the room is untidy and the books are all over the room, don’t yell for not keeping the room clean. Let them be and keep checking on their stress level. Joke around a bit and normalise the atmosphere if it is getting too stressed out.

Written by
Ayushi Jain

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