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5 Reasons Why Hina Khan Could Not Win Big Boss Season 11

Winning the Bigg Boss isn’t an easy game. They are given the most absurd tasks like some of the male contestants were asked to wax their chest, shave their head. Others tasks included blowing red chillies into peoples faces, while others were made to use a static cycle, and to drink water in the intervals without using the bathroom. If you can withstand all these crazy tasks, then you rightly deserve to be crowned the BIG BOSS winner.
Now Hina and Shilpa made it to the very end, however, they were many reasons that stopped Hina from actually win the title.

1. Hina played victim and the bully at the same time

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Right from the very beginning, she made outrageously mean and rude comments on the various other contestants. Hina’s rude remarks on Vikas Gupta have really shocked whatever fan base she had. Hina comments were really below the belt.

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We can evidently see that with the entry of Dhinchack Pooja. Within hours of entering the house, DhinchackPooja was seen crying. Hina strategy of playing victim was actually inspired by Gauhar Khan. ( 2013, Big boss winner). However, the inmates soon realized her manipulated moves and called her out of it. Her carefully guarded image now was known by the entire house.

2. Hina really slut shamed contestants to a whole new level

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Not only was Hina a bully but she reached new heights when she started, slut-shaming contestants. Hina targeted Arshi Khan a model cum actress. Her crude remarks on Arshi’s characters left her crying, after a task in the Big boss house which enraged her fans.

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She was the self-appointed agony aunt in the house. Whenever she saw Benafsha cosying up to Priyank or Puneesh she would go all moral police on them, which really wasn’t required as they always were within their limits.

3. She was a hypocrite 

While she kept laughing at Akash Dadlani for talking to the camera when she did it herself. She was very camera hungry and went no ends to hog the footage whenever she could.

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While Akash and Vikas did it for fun, while she always made it seem like her moves were planned and carried out according. Nothing she ever did was spontaneous.

4. Hina was a quite self-obsessed and manipulative.

She manipulated other contestants in the house. She always had some chaamis in the house that followed her around. Since Priyank, Sapna and Luv Tyagi didn’t have a great fan following like Hina’s they did whatever, she said.
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They stuck by her side, even when they were on the verge of being evicted since they public hated that she played them like chess. On the lines of being self-obsessed, Hina kept telling the camera, that she was the best thing that happened on screen.

So if you have a great game strategy I think you should apply for the next big boss season.

Written by
Payal Singh

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