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Virushka Wedding: Menu to Clothes, All You Need To Know

Virat and Anushka recently got married in Tuscany, Italy on 11th  December. Attended by merely their close relatives and cricketers such as Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj, what killed us the most was their matching posts on Instagram and their beautiful outfits!

1. The reception card was literally perfect 

photo courtesy: Instagram
Virat and Anushka have planned 2 wedding receptions and we have got a glimpse of #Virushka wedding card because of Mahesh Bhatt. Thank you, Boss, you have really fed the appetite of the starving netizens.

2. They had a picture perfect wedding in Borgo Finocchieto, in Italy

photo courtesy: urbanclap
Yes, it was absolutely gorgeous, just 1.3 crores per night and Borgo is the second most expensive holiday property after New York in the holiday season. Borgo is situated an hour drive from Florence and this luxury resort has over 22 suits, pools, gyms and spas. This vintage property gives you the medieval Italy vibes.

3. They had the most thoughtful gifts 

pic courtesy: Instagaram
(Sobs a little) Yes, I’m sorry but they are so cute, they had customized gifts for their guests. Both of them love Rumi and decided to give a book on poetry, something that would never go out of style, I mean that has to be the sweetest gesture.

4. Got Sabyasachi to design her mehendi outfit

photo courtesy: Instagram
Sabyasachi knew that Anushka adores fuchsia pink and hence decided to do something special for her. I wish I had friends thoughtful friends like Sabyasachi who would design fancy clothes for me. Sabyasachi, therefore, decided to design a trousseau with different shades of pink. The whole outfit looked so bohemia that she really has set the bar for the rest of us.

5. Ahh they had a garden wedding! Do you feel me? 

photo courtesy: urbanclap
Just look at this? Isn't this to die for? It’s a perfect wedding I have seen in a while, with the most beautiful outfits with the contrast of bright green behind them, made the wedding even more perfect.

6. Appointed a Shaadi squad that started wedding planning 4 months ahead of wedding

photo courtesy: Instagarm
The Shaadi squad was quite delighted and at the same time relieved that the wedding went off according to plan. They had to keep it quite secretive as they had to hide it even from their own team.

7. What better way to end a brilliant wedding is the food

photo courtesy: Instagram
They had the best food. They had a special chief take charge of the food, Ritu Dalmia.
The food was a mixture of both Italian and Indian. The menu went something like this stuffed ravioli with paneer kurchan, porcini mushrooms wrapped in bikaneri roti to having rabdi in the same menu.

If this isn’t your dream wedding location, what is?

Written by
Payal Singh

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