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The Crazy Period Roller Coaster Every Woman Can Relate To

Periods are the worst time of the month for any woman. It gives us the right to say horrible stuff to anyone and anything. And guess what, it’s totally justified. It’s like we have a ‘love-hate relationship’ with our periods. Because one, we give ourselves the excuse to eat anything and not feel guilty. Two because we can be terrible to every human.

So here are common phrases used by girls in their period.

1. Am I dying?

photo courtesy: youthconnect
Gah! I feel like there's a war happening in my uterus. Can I remove it already? I’m 100% sure everyone has said this before.

2. I feel fat

photo courtesy: Pinterest
Yup. Don’t we all? We eat like we are starving and automatically regret it later. It’s a vicious cycle that never stops. But who cares, as long as you eat and feel good for that period of time nothing else matters.

3. Sorry I am being rude but I'm on my period

photo courtesy: youthconnect
You can be really rude when you're on your period. Extremely can I say?
You’re just in a really bad mood and even the littlest thing like the sun shining can really get you worked up.

4. Ah! I hate everything

photo courtesy: Pinterest
We are all an emotional wreck! You don’t just hate yourself, you hate everyone and everything.

5. I don’t even want kids

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“Am I, right? Like why should we go through something as painful as periods when you already made up you our mind that we don't actually want babies?”

6. I need chocolates

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Chocolate and other sweets make us feel better as they contain sugar, that has an addictive quality. Opioid, the happy hormone makes us feel good. So, when the period comes, that reaction feeds you and that’s when you want more.

7. I hate everybody

photo courtesy: Pinterest
Have you caught yourself saying these phrases like 'You're annoying me, stop talking', 'you're existence is pissing me off, go away." Common don’t lie to me now, lie to yourself, everyone has said this.

8. I want to curl up and die

photo courtesy: Pinterest
The easiest thing to do, curl up, cry it out and then watch a movie (with a tub of ice-cream).

9. I’m so uncomfortable

photo courtesy: Twitter
Even sitting is irritating. Like every single position to sit in is suddenly uncomfortable.No matter what you try to do, you’ll never find the right position and when you do, it’s not acceptable to be in that position. Why does a girl’s life have to be so hard? Cant I just sit in peace. Is that too much to ask for?

10. I wish I was a guy

photo courtesy: Pinterest
Haven't we all said this at least once or who am I kidding?  Men don’t know how good they have it.
So don’t worry ladies all of us are in this together. Hold on, my sweet little satans. Go grab that doughnut you been waiting for.

Written by
Payal Singh

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