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7 Fascinating Things You Didn't Know About Melania Trump

For someone who has married the President, Melania sure does know how to shy away from the spotlight. Here are a few things you didn’t know about the 'First Lady of the United States'.

1. Melania started her modelling career at age of 5

photo courtesy: Daily Mail
That’s right at 5. She didn’t stop there, she got herself her first job at the age of 16. Melania keen interest in fashion started off when her mother designed patterns for a clothing company. Then she went to attend Secondary School of Design and Photography. She realized she didn’t enjoy, she quit and focused on her modelling career. Hence at the age of 18, she decided to move over to Milan, Italy. She appeared on many magazine covers such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, Glamour, and GQ.

2. Melania is the second foreign-born first lady

photo courtesy: Vanity Fair
The first foreign-born lady was Louisa Adams, wife of John Quincy Adams. However, according to the New Yorker, she doesn’t count since her family moved around a lot from England. However, for Melania, she was raised in the communist section of Yugoslavia. Apart from that, English isn’t her first language. She speaks five other languages: Slovene, French, Serbian, German and Italian.

3. Melania refused to give Trump her number

photo courtesy: Herald
She is known to be a fiercely independent young lady. At the party, in 1998, she refused to give her number to Donald Trump, instead, she took his. She waited a week before messaging him, a sheer bad-ass. Donald totally admiring her, proposed to her in 2004 and they had a lavish wedding in 2005. When I say lavish, I really mean it, her wedding dress from Dior amounted to USD 200,000 and had 1,500 crystals on it.

4. Melania doesn’t believe in nannies

photo courtesy: eastbaytimes
After her firstborn son, Barron was born in 2006 she decided to be a hands-on mom. She feels that it is the most important job ever and fulfils her. She never liked the idea of house help.

5. Melania had her own jewellery and skin care line

photo courtesy: LifeDaily
Melania had her own line which sold watches, jewellery and cosmetics that bore her name. The items sold on the website and QVC ranged from $30-$200. However, the company didn’t last long and the products are not available on market anymore.

6. Melania is Donald’s third wife

photo courtesy: Zimbio
Donald first wife was Ivana, they met at the Montreal game in 1977. Together they had three children: Donald Jr, Ivanka, and Eric. However, after 14 years of marriage, they got a divorce in 1991. Then in 1993, he met Marla Maples, a former beauty queen and a television icon on a business trip and tied knots. They had a daughter named Tiffany Trump, later they split in 1999. And he met Melania at a fashion week.

7. Melania has a secret half-brother

photo courtesy: Jetss
Before Melania's dad, Victor Knavs got married to her mother, he had a secret child which he agreed to pay child support after it was proved and ordered by the court. Melania has never met her half-brother Denis Cigelnjak nor did Victor ever acknowledge his existence.

 Yep, that’s a lot we didn’t know about Melania Trump, until now!

Written by
Payal Singh

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