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What Women Really Want: 10 Important Traits In A Man

Women have always been creatures who are full of mystery for men. Whether it's about choices, likes and dislikes, men always find them difficult to understand and especially when it's about ‘’ being their guy’’. Men still can’t find out what are those characteristics which women sees in them. Well well, I guess following points will help you out.

1) Honesty

Girls always prefer those men who are honest and sometimes men don’t understand that. Men have a perception that to make a girl fall for them, sugar coated is the trick but honesty is better than sugar-coated nonsense and they should understand that. Being honest means, honest in all ways like if your partner asks that ‘’ I am fat’’ so just say ‘’yes’’ if that’s the reality. This way you will not only gain the respect but also trust. Being honest will always make your life simpler.

2) Kindness

There are chances that young women may fall for bad-boy type but women who are mature they would consider men who are kind as kindness inspires confidence. We can say that if you treat the waitress well, your date will figure out how you will treat her.

3) Belief

Belief acts as a base for a successful relationship. Believing in each other, believing in each other’s dreams is very important as it makes the relationship strong and encourages each other from inside. supporting and encouraging each other, is what women wants from her man.

4) Reliability

Women are more interested in those men which are reliable i.e one who makes commitments and follows through and not those who are fickle- minded. Whether it's picking her from shopping or attending any event etc fulfilling it with responsibility can leave a positive impact on your lady love and can also increase the chance of getting committed.

5) Love & respect

There are few things which are important in relationship and one of the most important things is love and if you don’t love her then there is no point in being with her. Second most important thing after love is respect. It's not only about respecting her but also respecting yourself. One thing which upsets her is not respecting her feelings and her and above all, if you are disrespecting yourself then better you forget her.

6) Romancing

Sometimes it's important for men to be romantic because women like men who are little bit romantic from heart. Women who are right-brained, less logical side they love romantic men. Romance is something which women find irresistible because it is all about expressing your desire and feeling for the one who you love a lot. It's about revealing your soft and vulnerable side.

7) Fitness

Fitness matters a lot and if you have a good physique you can leave positive impact on others especially on women. A man with great body indicates that he is well discipline and self-control which means you can keep up with her,  in bed and out.

8) Sense of humour

The sense of humour depends on couple to couple but women are more likely to get attracted to those men with great sense of humour as they make them laugh. Well, that doesn’t mean you have to be like a stand up comic. All you need to do is little bit of practice and you are ready.

9) Confidence

Confidence is something which enhances your personality and men who are comfortable in their own skin are women’s favourite. Women feel more secure and comfortable with them. By giving your love lady this confidence that Don’t worry, I am there for you, with you. Just be with me and I will handle unfamiliar people or situations. This characteristic which every woman on this earth loves and search in every guy.

10) Passion

One has to be passionate if he/she wants to be somewhere in life. And especially if you are talking about women, they love passionate men. Women like a presentation of passion because they don’t expect this from men these days. Whether it’s getting passionate about art, music anything that doesn’t matter, just be passionate. Hence it shows the sign for and about something beyond yourself.

Every time it’s not that hard to understand women. All you need a little bit of understanding.

Written by
Ayushi Sharma

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