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Sisters In B-Town Who Prove Sisters Are The Best Soulmates

The beauty of Bollywood is its portrayal of relationships, the movies have been successfully depicting the importance of family and relationships since very long. With time it is also becoming more and more realistic and relatable but still, if you go back and look for movies bringing forth the sisterly bond, you will find only a few such movies. On the contrary, if you are looking for some inspiration for bromance and brotherhood, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, names like Dil Chahta Hai, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Satte Pe Satta must have already popped into your mind.

The Bollywood Divas are not far behind when it comes to loving their sisters in real life. They rule their social media accounts together. Here is a list of such Bollywood sisters who never fail to shout out about their soulmates – their sisters.

1. Karisma and Kareena Kapoor

photo courtesy: Pinterst/pinkvilla
The two are very distinct yet very similar to each other. Karisma was the first daughter of Kapoor Khandaan to share the same passion as the men and to have entered the industry and as Kareena claims, she not only paved way for her but also inspired her in every way possible. The two made big in Bollywood because of the talent they harbour, definitely the most powerful duo sister the industry has had.

2. Sonam and Rhea Kapoor

photo courtesy: bollywoodlife/youtube
While Sonam is a fashionista, her sister is behind the looks she carries. They both have together given fashion a new name. They both have been breaking stereotypes in their own way and have been excelling at that too.

3. Alia and Shaheen Bhatt

photo courtesy: pinkvilla/pinterest
Though Alia Bhatt has become everyone’s favourite because of her cuteness and her impeccable acting, Shaheen takes away the cake because of her courage and self-confidence. Her admission of dealing with depression made her the star and how Alia was there for her at every step through that speaks volumes about the relationship they share.

4. Priyanka and Parineeti Chopra

photo courtesy: Pinterest/hindustantimes
Parineeti has never shied away from mentioning how supportive her Mimi didi has been throughout her career. Though she never dreamt of being an actor, she was glad to have someone in the industry to rely on when she began. The cousin sisters have the most normal relationship with each other in spite of both being big stars in the industry. They both made it big on their own in the industry and are nothing less than an inspiration for all those who dare to take the leap of faith.

5. Malaika and Amrita Arora

photo courtesy: Pinterest/mtv
Individually, they might not have made it that far as actors but they need no acknowledgement to have each other’s back. The sexy duo is often seen partying and enjoying each other’s company and happily pose for the paparazzi.

Written by
Ayushi Jain

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