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7 Surprising Facts That Can Help Improve Your Body Language

Who knew your body can speak volumes about you? Every aspect of your body communicates something, so learning what each of those movements or gestures mean can help you immensely. If you are ever confused about another person’s motives and words, you can use this guide to understand them through their body language.

1. Eye contact

photo courtesy: Twitter
Maintaining eye contact indicates confidence and trustworthy behavior. When an individual avoids eye contact, it can mean lack of confidence or that the person is trying to hide something.

Another thing you should notice is a person’s pupils. When someone is excited or interested in someone their pupils dilate and when someone is upset their pupils shrink.

2. Feet

photo courtesy: Men's Health
While having a conversation, if the individual’s feet are pointed towards your direction, it means they are interested in talking to you but, if it’s pointing in a different direction it means they want to leave the conversation.

3. Smile

photo courtesy: Valley Ridge
If the other person smiling but there are no wrinkles around their eyes, it means the smile is not genuine. Another type of smile is when someone has a tight lipped smile, in this case, a person isn’t revealing an opinion or secret.

4. Posture

photo courtesy: themotionmachine
There are two broad types of postures, open and closed. If an individual is sitting back taking up a lot of space, it means they are highly comfortable, confident or open.

If someone has a closed posture, they are hunched over, arms folded, legs crossed, it can mean they are nervous, uncomfortable or uninterested. Slouching indicates that someone is bored with the current situation and fidgety behavior indicates nervousness.

5. Gestures

photo courtesy: Stanford University
Many of us have a habit of using hand gestures while having a conversation, controlled and small hand gestures are fine but if it’s exaggerated, it means a truth is being stretched. Confident people use minimal hand gestures while having a conversation.

If someone engages in a handshake with their palms down, it indicates dominance. But, if someone engages in a handshake with their palms up, it indicates submission.

6. Arms

photo courtesy: shutterstock
Crossed arms indicate defensiveness but crossed arms with clenched fists indicate aggression. Often people are seen with their arms behind their body and hands clasped together, this indicates confidence and authority.

7. Establishing a bond

photo courtesy: Pinterest
If you want to establish a bond with someone, bring your head slightly forward to show friendliness and openness. Another aspect of body language is mirroring, when someone mirrors our body language, it unconsciously makes us feel comfortable with them. It can also indicate that someone is interested in you.

This was our list of body languages that can help you understand and bond with people.

Written by
Sucharitha V

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