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5 Secrets of Exceptional Leadership Finally Revealed!

What are some of the secrets to become a great leader? Have you wondered why some leaders are highly respected while others aren’t? Let us look at 5 best-kept leadership secrets!

1. Move with your team

Move with your team
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The first step is to assess each member’s strength, this would help you to use their strengths and take the team forward. Each member can complement each other and it would almost feel like solving a jigsaw puzzle, but it’s your job as a leader to understand how to solve this puzzle. Every step should be taken as a team and every accomplishment should be celebrated as a team.

2. Delegate the work

Delegate the work
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Often leaders feel the need to control many areas to ensure smooth functioning. But, this is a rookie mistake as it would lead to high pressure not only on the leader but also on the entire system. After assessing the strengths and weaknesses of members, work has to be delegated accordingly.

3. Be a human

be a human as a leader
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There is a need to keep an image of being firm and dominating but you also need to gain your team members’ trust and build a comfort level with them. The only way to do so is by being human! You are bound to make mistakes, but instead of being defensive about it, you can openly admit it so that you won’t create unnecessary issues and your team members can feel comfortable around you. This gives room for open and honest discussions without the fear of making mistakes.
But, just because you have to make them feel comfortable doesn’t mean, you need to become their friend. You need to be trustworthy but firm, friendly but professional.

4. Learning is a lifelong process

learning is a life long process
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A true leader never stops learning. The process of learning doesn’t necessarily have to be restricted to books, but it also can be gained from your own team members, and experiences. You need to constantly be open to such experiences to grow and evolve as a person and as a leader. These experiences will shape your personality, views and your principles which in turn will help you become a great leader.

5. Courageous

be a courageous leader
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You need to be brave, while it’s true that you need to bring your team forward with you and their opinions and views should be taken into account. But sometimes there are choices that you have to make which can be difficult and in those cases you need to be courageous enough to take them alone. These are one of those times that your entire team will rely on you and this is the true test of your leadership qualities.

Written by
Sucharitha V

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