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10 Things Couples Can Do to Bring The Spark Back to Your Relationship

Love, well these days this word is losing its true meaning. Couples are losing that flare in the relationship. Due to stress and workload, partners are not able to find time for those small things which can actually make difference in their life. Instead of spending quality time with each other or doing tiny things, couples are running behind expensive stuff for saving their love life as they think that’s the only way. Guys! stop, and just read on to spice up your love life once again.

1. I Love You

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It may sound little bit adage but believe me guys these three words work like a magic spell. And they do leave a positive and warm impact on your lady love. These words can keep your relationship healthy and beautiful forever.

2. Being polite! Yeah

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Well, relationships are like those delicate threads, if not handled with care can end up with disaster. There is no place for anger in relationship and couples should never do that if they want to share and maintain a strong bond. Instead of handling issues with anger better they handle it by staying calm and polite.

3. Sexy messages

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It is important to keep that love and excitement in a relationship. Isn't it always amazing to talk to that person whom you love? Reading what they’re going to do or when they will be back. To keep that charm in your relationship sexy messages always work. Messaging him what are you wearing, this will always turn him on and before you text him anything else, well actually you don’t have to do that.

4. Having fun together

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Remember those days when you both use to hang out together.  Pillow fight, cracking lame jokes and laughing like anything, going out for coffee, taking a small walk and watching stupid movies together were really small things but were once part of your relationship and that’s what kept you going on. If you have stopped doing that, believe me, don’t. Because these things will never make your relationship dull. Sometimes it's fine to skip your work and spend quality time with your loved one.

5. Keep flirting with each other

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To keep the spark alive in a relationship, keep flirting because flirting is good for a relationship. For guys or husbands out there stare at your wife when she enters the room give her a wink and don't forget to mention that how beautiful she is. For girls or wives out there grab his biceps as he walks. Oh! I forget to mention, hold his hand while watching a movie in the theatre or at home.

6. Intimacy is also important

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Who doesn’t love surprises? One should surprise his/her partner in the shower as steamy love is a great and naughty idea. Why should sex be limited to nights or Valentine's day? Trying new positions or new places can reignite that dull or boring relationship. What’s bad in being a kid if that helps in bringing the spark back into your life.

7. Change is necessary

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Change is very important for life. Whether it's about trying a new position, new restaurant, aftershave or lotion or cologne go ahead because you never know what excitement it can bring in your life.

8. Handwritten notes

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We live in an era of Emails and Whatsapp but sometimes it's good to be old school when it comes to romance. To recreate the magic and romance, couples should try handwritten notes. Just write some flirty messages like "desperately waiting for you", "Surprise is waiting for you! Come soon" or simply "love you". Leave them anywhere you want like - on the bedside table, his wallet, his bag, his car. Just do it and see the magic!

9. No more pajamas

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I know pajamas are comfortable and snuggly but say no to pajamas for few days. Instead of pajamas go for those sexy and dark colour lingerie hot sleeping outfits to turn him on. Let your nightlight on and wait for him.

10. Surprises

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Buy chocolates, a bottle of champagne or wine and a gift for him/her and plan a sweet candlelit dinner. Do something which your partner have never ever dreamt of.

Sometimes it's important to do small things to keep up that spark and love in a relationship.

Written by
Ayushi Sharma

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