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5 Times Deepika's Outfits Were Copied From Hollywood Celebs

Deepika you have a huge fan base in India but it’s high time now that you change your stylist. Deepika is undoubtedly the epitome of elegance and beauty. But surprisingly, it seems, she draws a lot of influence from the Hollywood. Time and again Deepika has made public appearances, wearing the exact replicas of the dresses once worn by international models and actresses. Don’t believe it? Take a look yourself!


Deepika copies from Zoe Saldana at filmfare 2013
photo courtesy: Pinterest
Deepika wore this long black see-through dress to the award night of Filmfare in the year 2013 which looks exactly like that of Hollywood actress Zoe Saldana’s dress.


Deepika wears exact copy of the dress once worn by Australian singer Kylie Minogue
photo courtesy: Indiatimes
Deepika looked extremely graceful in this beautiful tangerine dress but little did we know that it’s an exact copy of the dress once worn by Australian singer Kylie Minogue.


Deepika copies Victoria Harvey outfit at filmfare 2014
photo courtesy: Pinterest
Now have a look! Deepika dazzled in this shimmering gold dress which she wore to the Filmfare awards 2014 which is an exact replica of the Victoria Harvey's dresses except for the colour obviously.


deepika copies Karlie Kloss dress during xxx promotion
photo courtesy: Twitter
Deepika, during the promotions of the film “xXx: Return of Xander Cage” was spotted wearing a dress quite similar to the dress of American model Karlie Kloss.


Deepika wears Kylie Jenner copy dress on Bigg boss
photo courtesy: Times of India
Deepika has proved to be a Kylie Jenner fan by imitating her complete style statement. From long thigh boots to velvet short dress, Deepika copied it all and wore it to the sets of Bigg Boss.

Written by
Taiyaba Sarvar

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