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Genuine Human Emotions: A Story Close To My Heart

This story is close to my heart because it was a moment that you can’t capture or rewind. You can only remember how it felt. I was doing an internship in a village in Uttar Pradesh, the work was related to children and education in those areas.
During one of the field visits, I was surrounded by small kids who were excited and happy to see me. It was so joyful to see them so excited, but there was this one particular kid who held my hand and took me to the classroom to show her drawing. The way she held my hand, the way she showed me her painting with such pride and happiness. I can never forget this moment because it made me realise a lot about the goodness of human beings, how rich their emotions are, how genuine it is and how it can change someone else’s life.

That was the moment that I cherish because it made me realise that I never want this world to lose that kind of happiness, and if I can be a part of this beautiful experience then I can be at peace.

With the kind of events happening around in this world, I want to be the part of a process that can preserve this kind of innocence and genuine feelings. That is exactly what I am working towards and this raw human emotion is something that I am going to cherish forever.

Written by
Sucharitha V

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