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12 Items Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe

We can never be fully satisfied with the clothes we have in our closet but there are certain essential items that can help us achieve that satisfaction at least to an extent. These essential items can instantly elevate your look and you would no longer feel like you don’t have any clothes for an occasion.
Here is a list of 12 essential things you must have in your wardrobe.

1. Basic tank tops

Basic tank tops
photo courtesy: ebay
You can never have too many of basic tank tops, so buy them in few bold colours such as black, white, peach, olive and blue. They can be paired with almost anything, and make you look chic.

2. Black and Blue jeans

Black and Blue jeans
photo courtesy: myntra
Jeans are a girl’s best friend, they are so versatile and stylish.You can wear it for casual events or for a party by accessorizing the outfit properly. Invest in well-fitted jeans, start with black and blue denims, I would recommend starting with dark-wash blue jeans, they can make you look slimmer.You can move on to other colours such as peach or white later on.

3. Skirt

photo courtesy: baltyra
Skirts are fun and comfortable, buy a skirt which suits your body type perfectly. You can try pencil skirts which are the best type for office wear, and short skirt or maxi skirts for evening wear. Start off with bold colours and then move on to patterns, skirts can be easily paired with tank tops and tees.

4. Dress

photo courtesy: pinterest
A well-fitted dress is an essential item in a woman’s wardrobe. Take your time in trying out different dresses until you find the perfect dress. There are so many options to choose from such as skater dress, bodycon, maxi, or wrap dress. Buy one for causal occasions and one for formal events.

5. Blazer

photo courtesy: pinterest
Having a good blazer will elevate your look immensely. Invest in a good blazer, pay extra attention to the fabric and the size. You can go for solid colours for formal wear and go for florals or patterns for casual wear.

6. Comfortable Flats or Shoes

Comfortable Flats or Shoes
photo courtesy: pinterest
This is so important, do not just keep on buying heels which are so uncomfortable. Invest in a comfortable but good pair of sneakers or flats. They are can look stylish with your outfit and are perfect for casual events.

7. Black or Nude heels

Black or Nude heels
photo courtesy: ebay
Black heels can go with almost any outfit, but you can also go for nude heels. Do not buy something difficult to wear, otherwise it is just going to lay in your closet. There are so many options such as pumps, platform heels, stilettoes, so be practical and honest with yourself when you are buying heels. Your footwear will complete your look, hence invest in trendy yet comfortable heels.

8. Basic Tee shirts

Basic Tee shirts
photo courtesy: neevov
Basic tees are such an underrated but important essential item. It’s not something that you can only wear with jeans or shorts. You can use basic white or black tees under blazers or with skirts. It is so versatile and comfortable that it can go from casual to evening wear easily.

9. Shorts

photo courtesy: idiva
Show off your legs with a stylish pair of shorts. Start with denim shorts which fit well and look good with almost anything. If you don’t want shorts for casual wear then, you can go for bold coloured shorts which can be paired with a trendy top for evening wear.

10. Palazzo Pants

Palazzo Pants
photo courtesy: pinterest
During summers, Palazzos are exactly what you need to be comfortable yet look trendy. You can choose any colour and pair it up with a simple tank top or a tee. A bonus point is that it can also make you look taller.

11. Statement Jewellery

Statement Jewellery
photo courtesy: pinterest
First of all determine your undertone and according to that, you will know whether silver or gold will suit you. Now stock up on stunning statement pieces which can be easily paired with any outfit to elevate the look.

12. Handbag

photo courtesy: idiva/caprese
Buy a beautiful handbag of a colour that you know will go with almost every outfit. There are so many options such as messenger bag, sling bags, clutch or totes. Invest in handbags with good material and start off with solid colours.

Written by
Sucharitha V

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