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10 Things You Can Grab From Your Spouse's Wardrobe

Men’s clothes can not only make us look fashionable but also are highly comfortable. They are so versatile that they can be paired with almost anything and these fashionable items are going to come out of your partner’s closet then, there is nothing better than that. So, let’s look at a list of things that we can take from our partner’s closet and if there any items that I have missed out then let me know!

1. Hoodies

photo courtesy: Pinterest
This is the most common item that every girl loves to steal from their partner. The reason behind this is not because it looks good but because it’s so comfortable that wearing it almost feels like you are being hugged by your partner.

2. Jerseys

photo courtesy: Twitter
If your partner is into sports and has a jersey with his name on it, there is nothing better than wearing it and feeling special. A bonus point is that it’s also highly comfortable.

3. Shirts

photo courtesy: Pinterest
If you want a button down shirt then you will get the best ones in your partner’s closet. You can pair it up in different ways and if it’s too big you can just unbutton the shirt and wear it over a tank top for a casual look.

4. Tee shirts

Tee shirts
photo courtesy: Aliexpress
You can wear the tee shirts outside if they fit you perfectly or just wear it at home as an oversized tee shirt. For some reason men’s tee shirts have very soft fabric, making it very comfortable. If you really want to wear it outside, you can just tie a knot at the end of the tee shirt.

5. Watch

photo courtesy: Tumblr
Men’s watches are always very attractive and fashionable. Instead of investing in something which is going to be costly just use your partner’s watch every now and then. If you are into big chunky accessory then pair the watch with some trendy bracelets.

6. Oversized coats

Oversized coats
photo courtesy: Snapdeal
If you want a good quality oversized coat then just choose one from your partner’s closet. Oversized coats can elevate a look and make your outfit look trendy, so just pick one out from your partner’s closet.

7. Beanies

photo courtesy: Pinterest
The best thing about beanies is that you don’t have to worry much about the size and it looks really cute and casual.

8. Scarf

photo courtesy: Pinterest
Men’s scarves are actually really bold and well designed. You can always just use one of your partner’s scarves to complete an outfit.

9. Sweaters

photo courtesy: Stylecaster
You can try on any of his sweaters but if he has a knitted sweater or cashmere then you just got one of the best item to complete your outfit. Oversized sweaters will always look chic and are so comfortable to wear.

10. Jeans

photo courtesy: Pinterest
Well, this one will work if you both don’t have a huge difference in your body size but this time you would be actually wearing boyfriend jeans. They are comfortable, they won’t have fake pockets like most of the women’s jeans do and they can also make you look trendy.

Let us know your favourite item from your partner’s closet!

Written by
Sucharitha V

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