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10 Things Men Secretly Adore About Their Women

There are so many things we completely love about our partner, but today we will be looking at 10 things that men love about their women.

1. Confidence

men adore confident woman
photo courtesy: Pinterest
I think we all are attracted by confidence, but when that confident person is our own partner, it is hard to resist. When women are confident about handling their life and difficult situations, it is highly appreciated by men. There is obviously a fine line between confidence and arrogance, as long it is not crossed, they adore this trait in women.

2. Support

men love when woman supports them
photo courtesy: Pambakerrn
Standing by their side during good and bad times is something that men will appreciate for life and, this is one of the factors men consider seriously before actually settling down.

3. When he can make you smile

men love to make you laugh smile
photo courtesy: masculine empire
Men love it when their partner smiles, it’s just one those romantic things. But they love it, even more, when they are the reason for your smile. I don’t think this one is a big surprise as every guy loves it when a girl laughs at their jokes, this is a very important thing for men. The fact that he knows that he can cheer you up and keep you happy is very important to him.

4. Food

men adore your efforts in cooking
photo courtesy: capital fm
A way to man’s heart is through his belly, this is a true statement. When men know that their partner has cooked something for them, they will love it. Even if it doesn’t taste that good, the fact that you put in efforts is enough. This is one trait adored and appreciated highly by men.

5. Passion

men love to see passion in woman
photo courtesy: SheKnows
When you are passionate about something such as your job, hobby or life in general, it really attracts your partner towards you. Men love knowing that their partner is passionate about something, it is just one of those traits adored by men.

6. Something surprising just for them

men love surprises from their woman
photo courtesy: birthdayinspire
Men love surprises, and they don’t mind cheesy surprises too. When you put in efforts to surprise them, they really value it because they know that a lot of thought has been put into the surprise.

7. Show off in front of your friends

men love pda in front of friends
photo courtesy: chacha
Women love it when are they called “my girl” in front of their partner’s friends, just like that, men love it too. When you are showing off your man in front of your friends, he is just secretly relishing the moment. He knows your friends are important to you and their opinions are important so he would want your friends to like him, plus he feels like he is good enough to be introduced to your friends.

8. Admiring him

men love women who admire them
photo courtesy: pixabay
Don’t we love it when we catch our crush or boyfriend admiring us? It’s the same thing with men, they love it when they know that their partner is admiring them. It instantly boosts their confidence and makes them feel happy.

9. When you play with his hair

men love when woman plays with his hair
photo courtesy: minq
Men love physical affection, and playing with their hair is one of the things they completely love. It makes them feel loved and safe, and it is also highly relaxing.

10. Quirky habits

men love quirky habits of women
photo courtesy: topyaps
The unusual or unique habits that define you in some way or the other is adored by men. There is no logical explanation behind it, but men just love knowing that you have certain habits and interests that are unique and you have specifically shared it with your partner or only they can see this side of you.

Written by
Sucharitha V

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