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Common Makeup Mistakes To Be Avoided That We Do Unknowingly

Do you often wonder why your makeup doesn’t look flawless despite using expensive products and tools? The mistake might be in the technique and not the product itself. There are many rules and techniques that we follow which in reality are just not helping us achieve that flawless finish. Here are 6 common makeup mistakes you must avoid.

1. Not prepping your skin

Not prepping your skin
photo courtesy: Twitter
One of the most common mistakes all of us have made, is not prepping our skin before applying makeup. If your skin isn’t prepped up, the makeup is just going highlight your problem areas and settle into fine lines.You need to have a good skincare regime where you cleanse, tone and moisturise your face before you apply any makeup. In addition to that, you also need to apply a primer suited for your skin type and allow it to settle for 2 minutes.

2. Not choosing and applying foundation properly 

Not choosing and applying foundation properly
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Foundation is the base of your makeup, if the colour isn’t perfect or it doesn’t suit your skin type, anything you apply on top of it would be unflattering. First of all, you need to match the colour of the foundation with your jawline instead of your hands while buying it.

Not choosing and applying foundation properly
photo courtesy: marieclaire
In addition to that, you need to buy a foundation suited for your skin type, if you have dry skin go for a dewy foundation or mix your existing foundation with a dot of moisturiser or oil and if you have oily skin go for matte foundation. To blend the foundation, you can use a beauty blender, brush or even your hands but pat your foundation and do not rub it in like a cream.

3. Concealer mistakes

Concealer mistakes
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One of the most common complaints with concealer is that it can highlight the under eye creases, but a simple trick to avoid that is to simply set your concealer with powder to give a smooth and finished look. In addition to that, while applying concealer, use light patting motions instead of rubbing or swiping motions.

Concealer mistakes
photo courtesy: beautybeats
Another mistake you should avoid is going for a lighter shade of concealer, this isn’t going to hide your blemishes, it will just act as a highlighter and draw attention to those blemishes. You should go for a concealer which matches your own skin tone or your foundation’s colour.

4. Applying lipstick directly without prepping your lips

Applying lipstick directly without prepping your lips
photo courtesy: mycharm
Applying lipstick without prepping your lips is one of the biggest makeup mistakes that you should avoid. Applying it directly or even on top of the foundation will leave your lips dry and rough. Exfoliate your lips gently, apply a lip balm and then apply your lipstick directly or apply it using a lip brush. After applying it, use a tissue paper to blot the excess lipstick.

5. Applying blush incorrectly

Applying blush incorrectly
photo courtesy: beautynesia
You need to apply blush on your cheekbones not too high and not too low. You need to apply your blush very lightly by tapping the excess off and then using light swiping motions.
You need to choose a blush which is best suited for your skin tone and type. If you have normal or oily skin go for powder blush and if you have dry skin, cream blush would be best suited for you.

6. Focusing on your waterline and eyelashes

Focusing on your waterline and eyelashes
photo courtesy: tumblr
Mostly the goal of eye makeup is to make your eyes look bigger, but certain techniques actually makes it look smaller. Applying eyeliner only on the waterline makes your eyes look smaller than they are.

Focusing on your waterline and eyelashes
photo courtesy: inminutes
Similarly, applying too much of mascara on lower lashes leads to a very unflattering look.

These are the top 6 makeup mistakes and ways to avoid them. Hope it can help you out!

Written by
Sucharitha Venkatesh

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