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5 things you can do to be strong after a Breakup?

Breakups can be extremely hard to move on from. Getting over someone, who was the centre of your life, can be daunting, but not impossible.

Here are 5 simple ways you can adopt to try to move on.

1. Come to terms with your feelings

Come to terms and accept your feelings after breakup
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Many women believe that lying to themselves that they're ‘over him’ or ‘I didn't love him anyways’ will help them heal the hurt. But it never works. Understand that you still love him, that you shared wonderful memories together. Whatever be the reason for your breakup, always try to remind yourself of the happy times rather than the bad memories. This doesn't only help in unburdening the emotional baggage but also rids you of any grudges you might hold against your ex. Not every relationship is meant to be, doesn't mean you don't cherish it.

2. Cut all contacts with him

Cut all contacts with your Ex after breakup
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Easier said than done, but maybe, the most important step to take. Remove him from your account, delete his number or any pictures that you have. De-cluttering the space around you is the first step to de-clutter your mind. Do not contact him in any way, nor let him reach out to you, even if he wants to. This includes not wishing your ex on birthdays either.

3. Pamper yourself

Pamper yourself fun night with friends meet friends after abreakup
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As they say, ‘An idle mind is a devil’s workshop’. Sitting idle all day would only make your mind wander to the pain and strengthen your need to contact your ex. Indulge in a hobby instead. Remember that book you wanted to read or that new restaurant you wanted to check out? Go out for a fun night with your girls, reconnect with old friends or spend some time with your family. There are many people around you who value you a lot, dedicate time to them.

4. Let it out

Let the emotions out share feelings with friend after a breakup
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There's no point in keeping all the hurt and pent up emotions inside you. Talk to someone who could provide a shoulder for you to cry on. You'll feel better. People need other people, don't be ashamed or embarrassed to lean on someone trustable.

5. Do not rush into another relationship or hook up

Do not rush into rebound relationship or hook up after a breakup
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As much as people out there might tell you, rushing into any other relationship- whether emotional or purely physical, isn't always the good thing to do after a breakup. Inviting another person in your life when you're emotionally vulnerable might seem a good option for having company but a bad choice to make for your emotional health. Post-breakup should be a period of self-introspection and peace. This time is meant only for you, and the people who make you happy.

Written by
Anushka Bhati

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