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5 Signs to Determine Your Relationship Has Long-Term Potential

You are happy and so in love. But are you sure, this is it?  How can you be sure this is the right one? Can it withstand the pillages of time? Check out if your relationship ticks these signs and be sure…

1. He/she loves you despite your flaws

he or she loves you despite of your flaws
photo courtesy: Pinterest
Every couple wishes they were as perfect as Monica and Chandler. The FRIENDS show couple were not perfect because they were similar in every aspect, they were as different as night and day, yet her obsessive cleaning and control freakishness was what that attracted the socially uncomfortable Chandler. You know your relation has a long term potential when you are certain that even their perky little flaws make you love them even more and you wouldn’t want them without those flaws. And if your partner too feels the same way, voila, you are a match made in heaven.

2. No more games

stop playing mind games in a relationship
photo courtesy: artsculture
Games are normal at the beginning of every relationship when you are still insecure about your partner’s intentions. It is not wrong to be scared of letting your guard down, saves a heartbreak later on. Yet if the condition goes on, your relationship is clearly immature. When you are sure that you are not insecure about your partner’s feelings towards you and vice versa, all the wait-and-wonder games are no longer necessary. If he/she is the true guy/girl for you, both of you will be confident to be upfront about your thoughts and feelings.

3. He/she respects your choices and privacy

respect your partners privacy in relationship
photo courtesy: huffpost
Recently there had been many articles circulating in the social media about respecting your partner’s privacy. If you are in a relationship when you don’t have to check your boyfriend’s/ girlfriend’s chat and call history to be sure if they are faithful to you then congratulations, you are on the right track. Also, it is very important as well as extremely lucky to get a partner who respects your choices. If you don’t get to retain your individuality, it is slavery and not a relationship. May it be as trivial as your choice of a t-shirt if they are fine with you deciding for yourself, consider it as a good sign.

4. He/she makes you feel complete

he or she makes you feel complete
photo courtesy: Twitter
You know you are with the right person when instead of making you doubt yourself, your partner makes you feel like a better person. If he/she inspires you to be a better person without any hindrance of choices from his/her side, and never downplay you or your feelings, you are one lucky person.

5. If you can see your ‘happily ever after

he or she is the one happily ever after
photo courtesy: Pinterest
All the above-mentioned signs are inconsequential if you cannot see a future together. It takes great courage to take that leap. If your dreams of future are never complete without your partner, you are ready, ready to take that giant leap into that void of love and affection.

Written by
Parvathy N

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