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5 Reasons Why the Long Distance Relationships get doomed

After the initial fire of the newfound love and passion burns out, it is very difficult to manage a relationship. It takes a lot of effort on both sides to make it work. Still, there is a 50% chance that it may not work out. And if it is a long-term relationship? Nuh-uh, No chance. Here are five reasons as to why there is very less chance for a long distance relationship to workout.

1. Time

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Now here is the main villain of the game. Time is usually a villain in every game, but in a relationship, especially a long-term one, it is even more dangerous than the ‘saas’ in a ‘saas-bahu’ serial. When you are at different places, your schedules will be different, and it is very difficult to find time to adjust your and your partners schedule between the classes, jobs, friends, sleep (duh!) to actually talk to your partner. With less time your affection will also begin to ebb. So there goes your happily ever after with him/her.

2. Communication

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Obviously, communication is next in line after time. Sure Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc let you be with each other all the time, with the unlimited calls, messages, and video chatting, but is it really as special as stealing some moments from home in the name of maths tuition and meeting your beloved at Babu’s chaat-centre? Distance takes away the intimacy from your relation, and what’s a relationship without intimacy?

3. Trust

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Or the lack of it, at least. It is very difficult to know if your partner is cheating on you even when you are at the same place. And trust me, if you are a normal human girl with no idea about feminism, you’ll be paranoid about it (and basically all boys too if their girlfriend is very attractive). So when you are towns or even states apart, you’ll go insane. It’s bad enough not being able to see each other all the time, but when your beloved makes plans during the only time you can talk to her, who won’t be suspicious?

4. Cost

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It's okay when all you had to do was spend on the coffee and sandwiches at the nearest café, but when you are in two different regions, all the money you have to spend on the travelling, and then the accommodation and to top it off for the extremely pricey gift to take with you, your pocket will be having a big currency shaped hole by the time you return. Even if you are willing to cut down on your regular expenditure to save up and go meet your beloved, it’ll still not be worth it when all you get is a few hours for all that money. Sure the same might’ve had cost you for those sandwiches and coffee if you’d met on a regular basis, but it becomes more evident to you in the other scenario.

5. Boredom

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It is sure a weird reason to include, but it is true. Your time, the lack of communication coupled with the trust issues and everything else will already be making you think once again whether this might work. And while most of your friends are in a relationship with a real person, you are having one with your phone. It takes off the edge. You’ll soon be bored and boredom is definitely not a recipe for the relationship to be a success. So there, the Titanic has sunk, again.

Written by
Parvathy N

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