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5 Negative Thought Patterns To Stop Now Right Now

There is no other sure-fire way to destroy your life than with unnecessary thoughts that corrode your mind and soul. If you want to lead a peaceful life, you have to avoid these toxic thoughts or you are going straight to mental hell.

1. It’s Too Late

its never too late to start all over again
photo courtesy: Twitter
This is the most dangerous thought that can ever cross your mind. If you ever listen to this command, you are a goner. It’s never too late for anything, it is you who decide whether you are late or not. Man always have second and third chances howsoever otherwise you think so. You can always start over. But you have to believe in yourself and understand that the only thing that will stand in your way to success and happiness is you and you only. So kick out the feeling that it’s too late for anything and take on the world.

2. Life is too Hard

optimism vs pessimism
photo courtesy: Playbuzz
This is the anthem of pessimists. You can never live with pessimism, he is a bad roommate, and he will take all your good stuff and will make your life a living hell. But yes life is hard, but only when you see it that way. What is living without a few challenges? Instead of thinking that life is too hard, think that there is no hardship that you cannot overcome. Carpe diem my friend, seize the day.

3. I’m Not Good Enough

Live for yourself
photo courtesy: Gentwenty
Maybe, but who cares. Why would you fret about what some guy or your next door aunty think about you? You live for yourself, not for anybody else. Change if you feel that you are not good enough for yourself and not for anybody else. You are a wonderful person, believe that and learn to live for yourself.

4. My Dreams Are Ridiculous

dreams are never impossible to achieve
photo courtesy: Pinterest
That my friend is a ridiculous thought that you can ever dream of. Dreams are never impossible or ridiculous. Think about the time when Wright brother’s dreamed of flying, if they had also believed that their dreams too were ridiculous, how would the beautiful creations that we’ve been gifted with- the airplanes would’ve been invented? So chuck that thought, your dreams make you who you are, but only if you are courageous enough to embrace them.

5. I’m a failure

failure can be a boon if dealt with correctly
photo courtesy: LinkedIn
Failure is a boon. You would never realise your true potential until you fail. But failing in something doesn’t make you good-for-nothing. Failure will teach you to appreciate success and it is the only way to the real success. But you should never step down from taking on new ventures thinking that you are a failure. Take the chance to broaden your horizons and learn to look at the world differently.

Written by
Parvathy N

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