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10 Things Every Girl In A Relationship Must Know

things every girl in a relationship must know
By the word ‘relationship’, literally, means bonds we have with anyone. But today, when this word is used directly or indirectly the word that strikes the cord, is a loving bond which is at best called a relationship. There are certain codes for action that one should be aware before indulging into anything. Therefore, this applies in the case of relationships as well. Listed below are few such decoded points that every girl should know in a relationship.

1. Abide by your principles

The first thing that any girl should know in a relationship is that to abide by her own sets of principles. Only when you think that your principles are logically justified, do not let your principles adjusted or left out. This is because, once you start to compromise, the process is never ending.

2. You deserve him

A girl should know that she is equal enough to deserve him. There should not exist any the feeling of inferiority or superiority amongst the partners. This starts when the other one is placed in the extreme superior stance or even in the lower strata of thoughts in one’s mind.

3. Priorities should be clear

Being in a relationship defines certain priorities to set. Every girl in a relationship at one point in time faces the priority setting situation. No clash of thoughts should overrule her mind when comes to priorities.

4. Don’t compare your love story

Every love story is different. Even if the incidents are, the circumstance might not. Girls are usually very particular about their love story or love life. While this is no harm but comparing the love lives of others definitely are.

5. Worth of time

A girl should be aware of the fact that whether the relation is worthy enough. She should know how serious the boy is into the relationship. Or is she just spending the time on a roadside Romeo?

6. Give back what you want

The dream relation you are expecting to have equally seeks the contribution towards the relationship. A girl in a relationship should know that she should equally contribute towards the relations she dreams to have. Give back what you want!

7. The rule of equality

In a relationship, the partners should always maintain to be equal in terms. Sometimes it might be a pretty food bill or a heavy shopping bill. The thought of equality in this contemporary society will start when girls in a relationship will adapt the thoughts.

8. Take the lead

The ‘He first’ mantra should be avoided in a relationship. If we can stand by the fact that girls are no less than boys, than why not in the case of a relationship. Be it asking for a date or a proposal, a girl can always be bold enough to take the lead.

9. No mine and yours

In a relationship, it’s never hers or his. It should be the ‘Us’ factor always.

10. You should know it better

Never publicize the ups and downs of the relationship. Already labeled as gossip lovers, girls should stay away from gossiping and discussing their love lives.

Written by
Sadika Laskar

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