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Myths related to food broken by science

There are been so many myths floating about food related and eating we don’t even know since when it started.Have you ever wondered if they are true or not. Science has deflated some famous food myths of all time.

Myth 1: Wooden chopping boards are prone to bacteria

Image: dailymail

Truth: It is just a myth. There is no scientific data to support it. You just need to make sure the cutting boards are meticulously washed and are clean.

Myth 2: Salt water boils faster

Image: simplemost

Truth: Boiling point of water never changes adding salt doesn’t make any diffrrrence

Myth 3: Eggs increase your blood cholesterol

Image: goodhousekeeping

Truth: Not true. Eating trans fat and saturated fat raises the blood cholesterol level. Eggs does not contain trans-fats. In fact Scientists have discovered that eggs contain few rare antioxidants that help protect vision.

Myth 4: Aluminium cookware can cause Alzheimer’s disease

Image: livenewsupdates

Truth: As proved by Scientists , human kidneys hold the ability to dissolve any aluminium content. hence, it cannot cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Myth 5: Energy drinks give you energy

Image: consumeraffairs

Truth: In truth it just gives content of high sugar and caffeine gives you a slight sugar rush.They actually facilitate insomnia and obesity

Myth 6: Fried food can cause heart attacks

Image: pintrest

Truth: As per Scientists they is no connection between fried food and heart attack.

Myth 7: You should consume 5 small portion meal

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Truth: According to research its concluded that such a diet has no outcome on weight.

Myth 8: Vitamin c fights against flu and colds

Image: survivallife

Truth: There is no scientific proof of this myth.

Myth 9: Coffee is not good for your heart

Image: vancouvar

Truth: On contrary, people who consume coffee are 25 percent less in risk of heart disease than those who don’t.

Myth 10: Carrots lose their nutrition if cooked

Image: dailymail

Truth: In fact cooked carrots are actually more nutritious. Beta-carotene are released as the cells break down, when carrots are cooked.

Myth 11: Skinning a chicken decreases it caloric count

Image: YouTube

Truth: Skinning does not decrease in reality. If anything, it just decreases the ripeness of the meat
If skinning a chicken decreases anything, it is the juiciness of the meat

Myth 12: Carbonated drinks are harmful

Image: shapeforhealth

Truth: This myth only true for flavoured carbonated drinks.

Myth 13: High intake of spices can cause ulcers

Image: star2

Truth: If you get uncomfortable sensations after consuming spices, be relieved, it’s not ulcers’ symptoms.

Myth 14: Alcohol consumption kills brain cells

Image: pinterest

Truth: Studies have revealed that people who consume alcohol have the equivalent number of brain cells as normal people do.

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